[Vito Marzullo raw #11]

Raw tape #11 for Vito Marzullo documentary. Ward Office. Marzullo has a casual conversation with an associate about his background and role in Chicago politics while the crew talks in the background. The image is extremely dark, and the crew's discussion makes Marzullo's conversation hard to understand.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape starts in the middle of a conversation between Alderman Marzullo and an associate about race relations in the 25th Ward. Marzullo rants about the supposed deficiencies in other races–laziness, etc–contrasting their behavior with his own hard work in his early days as an immigrant. He complains about the “demands” these immigrants place on him for jobs and other favors. “You don’t make no demands of this alderman. … I’ll be alderman when each and every one of you are dead and buried.”

08:10Copy video clip URL Marzullo begins to describe the unique phenomenon of Richard J. Daley’s six terms as mayor, linking it to his own rise from his immigrant roots to a longtime fixture of Chicago politics.

12:00Copy video clip URL The man gets up to leave, and Vito sees him off.

13:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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