[Vito Marzullo raw #26]

Raw tape #26 for Vito Marzullo documentary. Vito at home #1. Cute pre-interview banter between Tom Weinberg and the Marzullos. Topics of discussion include the family's background, successful parenting, and problems among young people in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL The camera crew sets up video and audio equipment while director Tom Weinberg banters with the Marzullos.

02:21Copy video clip URL Vito Marzullo’s wife, Letizia, shares her views on the male-dominated political world. “For politics, I think it’s better for a man. It’s too rough for women. Although, there are some women who are quite capable. In fact, more capable than men,” she says, taking a teasing stab at her husband, who also weighs in on gender relations in politics.

04:01Copy video clip URL Married for 56 years, the two explain their backgrounds. Letizia Marzullo was born in England before immigrating to the United States after WWI when she was 22 years old, while Vito Marzullo was born in Italy. They praise the United States for the opportunities it affords.

07:05Copy video clip URL The Marzullos tell Weinberg about their six children and 19 grandchildren. “They do have a lot of respect for him, the grandchildren,” his wife says. “They listen.” Vito Marzullo goes on a tangent to criticize bad attitudes he sees among most American youth, which he later blames on bad parenting, the influence of drugs, and a poor educational system. “They’d rather go out and sell dope and ride in a car,” Marzullo exclaims.

15:25Copy video clip URL Letizia Marzullo disagrees with her husband, and explains that problems among youth are symptoms of the changes in American family life. “Thank you, but you haven’t changed my mind,” says her husband. “I’ll never change your mind. You’ve got a one-track mind,” she fires back.

17:03Copy video clip URL Weinberg points out that public officials, like Vito Marzullo himself, often bear the responsibility to solve such problems in society. The alderman describes the challenges facing his ward, including crime and transportation woes, which his wife attributes to drug problems. They launch into a conversation about the root cases of Chicago’s drug problems.



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