[Vito Marzullo raw #29]

Raw tape #29 for Vito Marzullo documentary. Vito at home #4. Continuation of previous interview with Vito Marzullo and his wife, Letizia Marzullo. The alderman speaks briefly about his neighborhood and serves up a fiery quote about how citizens often treat public servants like "public slaves."

00:00Copy video clip URL Vito walks around his house and shows us all of the invitations he receives for weddings, dinners, and political functions. The dozens of cards and leaflets blanket his dining room table, while their contents outline his hectic schedule. 

03:52Copy video clip URL The interview moves to the back porch, providing a view of Marzullo’s yard and the neighborhood beyond it. “This is where the elite live. Just like Lakeshore Drive, isn’t it?” his wife jokes, gesturing to their humble surroundings. “We’re going to stay here, and we’re going to die in this neighborhood,” Vito Marzullo says, explaining that many of his family members live in his building.

7:24Copy video clip URL The crew starts shooting b-roll of Vito’s house, panning over photographs, paintings, decorations, etc. Meanwhile, Vito Marzullo talks about the photographs, including his wedding photo from 1922.

11:17Copy video clip URL A crew member asks about how people outside of the United States perceive Chicago. Marzullo, who occasionally traveled abroad for his job, recounted that when he went to Rome, he even found his picture and Mayor Richard J. Daley’s pictures in an Italian newspaper.

15:11Copy video clip URL Marzullo talks about transparency in government and says that public officials shouldn’t have to publicize their personal finances because other people aren’t held to the same standard. Marzullo thinks that the federal government, who does have access to politicians’ finances, will prosecute corruption when necessary.

17:56Copy video clip URL Marzullo also talks about the salaries that government officials earn. At the time of the interview it was $17,000, up from $5,000 when Marzullo first started. He maintains that, “whatever money I made I turned it over to the government and split it.” Coming back to a common complaint of his, Marzullo says, “If you run for public office, they don’t think you’re public official, they think you’re public slave. Bullshit! In plain language, I’m not a public slave for anybody.”

19:54Copy video clip URL More b-roll footage of Marzullo’s home.



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