[Vito Marzullo raw #35]

Raw tape #35 for Vito Marzullo documentary. Ward office #1. Marzullo fields requests from constituents in his office. Topics include patronage jobs, street repairs, and race relations. Great footage on this tape, only about two minutes of which was used in the final documentary.

00:00Copy video clip URL The film crew is still setting up the camera until about 4:00.  Meanwhile, Marzullo meets a veritable parade of people seeking jobs. Though he’s careful not to make any promises, he agrees to see if any jobs are available. “I don’t manufacture jobs,” he tells one man, though he says he sympathizes with their struggle.

05:33Copy video clip URL An associate tells Marzullo about a group of petitioners seeking to fix a broken storm sewer that floods their basements. Neither man seems friendly to the group. “I’ll clear them out,” his aide says. Marzullo says he can’t help them. “If they’d like to hear the truth they’re gonna get the truth. If they don’t like to hear it, that’s just too bad,” Marzullo says.

09:29Copy video clip URL A man asks for help repairing some potholes on Cermak Street, saying, “You’ll break your axles it’s so bad… I’m sure the city can do something.” Marzullo responds, “Can’t you do anything to help it?” while smirking at the request, but agrees to call someone about it. “Son of a bitch. What problems…” he mutters under his breath as the man leaves.

11:39Copy video clip URL A man comes in claiming that he asked Marzullo for a job in the Public Works Department, and was told there are no openings. However, he said he had asked around and found out there were jobs available. Marzullo lectures him, saying, “You understand there’s an opening there, you don’t understand what the opening is for, whose opening it is… I’ve checked, they said no.”

15:28Copy video clip URL Marzullo reads aloud from a letter, sent by a man in a Chicago suburb asking to receive an empty lot in the 25th Ward for a children’s sports league. Marzullo seems offended by the letter. “You’ve got to be everything from a street cleaner to a psychiatrist to be an alderman nowadays,” he grumbles.

19:42Copy video clip URL Marzullo then turns to director Tom Weinberg, complaining about people who he feels make demands of him rather than request his help. “When they came with the demands, I said ‘You out of luck, kid. You don’t make no goddamn demands of this alderman, number 1, and number 2 you don’t criticize the community.'” He also begins ranting about ethnic groups in his ward. He says he told a group of Mexican youths making demands of him, “If you people really don’t like it, why don’t you go back to Mexico where you came from?”



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