[Vito Marzullo raw #37]

Raw tape #37 for Vito Marzullo documentary. Ward office #3. Continuation of previous footage of Marzullo in his ward office. In this section, Marzullo meets with a woman in need of work, and the film crew shoots introductory material for the documentary.

00:00Copy video clip URL Marzullo meets with a woman who lost her job with the park district after taking a medical leave of absence. She secures a promise that Marzullo will advocate on her behalf and leaves. The alderman removes microphone after deciding he’s done for the day.

6:41Copy video clip URL Surrounded by Marzullo’s cigar-chewing cronies outside the ward office, director Tom Weinberg interviews the alderman about his future plans in politics and about former mayor Richard J. Daley. “I thought he was the greatest humanitarian in the country,” Marzullo says, lavishing praise upon his former colleague.

11:21Copy video clip URL Marzullo’s personal secretary of 18 years, John Domagala, stands outside the ward office and reads the narration to be used as an introduction to the documentary. He does 3 takes.

15:23Copy video clip URL Shots of a map of the 25th Ward and a photograph of Marzullo. No sound.

19:33Copy video clip URL Video shows people playing cards in the ward office. Sound comes in at 19:45, but there’s not much dialogue to be heard.



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