[Vito Marzullo raw #4]

Raw tape #4 for Vito Marzullo documentary. Ward Office. After the documentary crew sets up the camera and lighting, Marzullo talks casually with a few people who visit the office.

00:00Copy video clip URL The camera crew sets up their equipment while Marzullo shuffles papers at his desk and chats briefly with an associate. The camera zooms in and out on Marzullo intently reading a document before panning to a plaque on the wall emblazoned with the Disabled American Veterans seal. The crew continues tweaking the lighting in the office and focusing the camera.

05:06Copy video clip URL “I don’t think there’s so many alderman who really keep their office hours the way you do,” comments a voice off-camera, while Marzullo asks if anyone has come by the office to see him. He greets a man named Eddie Prez who visits the alderman “every week, twice a week. Just like he’s going to church…and the rest of the time he canvasses [the neighborhood].”

07:19Copy video clip URL Marzulllo greets County Commissioner Matt Ropa, introducing him to the documentary crew before briefly discussing checks and letters that need to be sent.

08:46Copy video clip URL Marzullo calls for the director, Tom Weinberg, and introduces him to a Chicago judge, saying with a laugh that, “I just want [Weinberg] to know who he is…There’s two, three Jews in the ward and they’ve all got jobs.” They joke about Marzullo’s luncheon card games with the judge.

10:55Copy video clip URL A resident of the ward visits Marzullo’s office and explains that he failed a test he took to earn a job with the Chicago Transit Authority. The young man asks Marzullo if he can help him out, but the alderman explains he can’t do anything since he’s already failed the test. “You’ve come after the horse has run out of the barn,” the alderman says.

13:12Copy video clip URL Marzullo meets with a young man seeking a job, the next person in line to see him. “We don’t manufacture jobs,” Marzullo says, unable to help him although the young man is a relative of Marzullo’s wife. He eventually promises to speak to a politician in the young man’s ward to see if he can work anything out. “They come from all over city… because they know of me. They think I can turn their world upside down… You speak the truth and they think you’re lying to them. In the way they’re looking for help, you can’t blame them.”

19:46Copy video clip URL The alderman meets with one last resident, a man who failed his police academy exams and wants Marzullo to help him. Marzullo says there’s nothing he can do for the man and tells him to try harder next time. “If we would go out and take care of him… then what’s the use of them having an examination?” Marzullo asks. The tape stops mid-conversation.



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