[Voices of Cabrini raw #101]

Raw video shot for "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. The video features preparations for a large pro-resident rally and then a failed meeting with city officials in Near North High School. The demonstrators walk to the high school, but the potential meeting between them, Jesse White, and Alderman Walter Burnett goes awry when the crowd becomes too incensed.

0:08Copy video clip URL Open to a shot of song and chant sheets from the Coalition to Protect Public Housing.

0:25Copy video clip URL Cora Moore prepares for the demonstration at an office table. She is surrounded by other organizers.

1:36Copy video clip URL They practice a chant for the demonstration.

3:43Copy video clip URL Cut to introductions of chief spokesmen for the demonstration. They go over the day’s schedule. Cheryl: “We’re gonna wait until the news media gets here…then we gonna march down to the school.”

5:02Copy video clip URL Long shot of the room. It is filled with organizers. They go over the schedule again.

7:29Copy video clip URL Cut to a foyer hallway in Cabrini-Green. They move out to the demonstration.

8:18Copy video clip URL Video of cameras.

8:30Copy video clip URL Cut to a woman standing in the foyer. Audio of a man using a microphone. He practices the chants they will use in the demonstration. Cut to a group of women descending the stairs out of the building. They stand outside in the snow and practice the chant: “Don’t let them kill Cabrini-Green! Fix it up! Don’t tear ’em down! Out of your houses and into the streets!”

10:51Copy video clip URL Wide shot in front of 1161 N. Larrabee. People stand with large signs: “Hell no, we won’t go” and “Don’t let them kill Cabrini-Green!”

11:23Copy video clip URL Woman passing out flyers to demonstrators.

11:50Copy video clip URL Back to a man using a microphone to practice chants: “Tell Mayor Daley–We shall not be moved!”

13:19Copy video clip URL A woman practices the chants through the microphone: “We are here for justice!”

15:25Copy video clip URL Woman, through the microphone, calls other residents to come to the demonstration. Cut back to people practicing the chants.

17:28Copy video clip URL Residents sign a petition in front of 1161 N. Larrabee.

20:26Copy video clip URL Well-dressed man, Dr. Russel, takes the microphone and gets the crowd fired up: “We’re asking for 100% African American participation in terms of rehabilitation of Cabrini-Green…we are redeveloping this neighborhood for ourselves.”

21:51Copy video clip URL Cora Moore takes the microphone: “We’re out here today to say that we’re not going to let the mayor of the city of Chicago…and say no more replacement of the relatives.”

22:38Copy video clip URL Another woman takes the microphone: “We want to take advantage of the benefit they’re going to put forth in this area…”

23:23Copy video clip URL Another woman: “We’re going to tell the Chicago Housing Authority: We’re like a tree planted by the river water…we will not be moved.”

24:16Copy video clip URL They leave Cabrini-Green and walk toward Near North High School.

24:57Copy video clip URL Cut to firemen standing inside their garage. They watch as demonstrators pass. Long shot of demonstrators walking down Division Street.

25:56Copy video clip URL A young man at a megaphone tries to entice residents out of their buildings. Wide shot of the side of a Cabrini apartment building.

28:03Copy video clip URL Shot of resident laundry on Larrabee. They walk down Larrabee Avenue.

29:43Copy video clip URL They enter Near North High School. The demonstrators include several hundred people.

30:37Copy video clip URL Inside Near North. Demonstration chants continue. Demonstrators funnel into the high school’s assembly room.

32:00Copy video clip URL Rally in the assembly room.

35:09Copy video clip URL Dr. Russel: “We have some people in our community who have sold out…”

35:24Copy video clip URL Man with the microphone: “It is time we let everybody know that this community belongs to us…nobody will push us around…”

36:25Copy video clip URL Demonstrators sing in the assembly room “We Shall Overcome.” Then they sing “We shall not be moved.” A prayer is said.

39:53Copy video clip URL Jesse White takes the stage: “I happen to be a long time resident of this community…the bottom line is that I have not taken sides…please, let’s do it in an orderly fashion.”

41:10Copy video clip URL A priest reads another prayer.

41:48Copy video clip URL Woman takes the microphone and complains that she wasn’t invited to meetings with CHA and the mayor.

43:28Copy video clip URL Cora Moore and Jesse White spar. Cora Moore: “They say it’s not our meeting…” Jesse White: “We’re asking for your input…share your thoughts and ideas about how you’d like this community to be, instead of walking out…” Dr. Russel: “Here’s our plan: 100% African American…contractor and subcontractor participation…100% Cabrini-Green resident participation…”

45:23Copy video clip URL Alderman Walter Burnett tries to get the attention of the demonstrators: “If you don’t want to know what’s going on, then leave, but this is an opportunity–” He is interrupted by a demonstrator with a megaphone: “This is an opportunity for real-estate developers!” Burnett: “I cannot respond to your input if I can’t hear your input.” The man with the megaphone tries to get the demonstrators to leave, but with little success.

47:32Copy video clip URL Burnett: “This plan is not just about Cabrini Green. The majority of the things the city has proposed is not in Cabrini-Green, it’s around Cabrini-Green. Will you listen, please?”

48:25Copy video clip URL A tussle breaks out. A man to Burnett: “We’re gonna roll over you motherf***kers!”

50:08Copy video clip URL A young resident tries to calm the crowd down while a woman takes the microphone right after him and asks everyone to leave. Burnett tries to get everyone to stay.

51:43Copy video clip URL Jesse White has the microphone. A young woman keeps interrupting him: “Bullshit!”

52:16Copy video clip URL White tries to answer questions from the crowd. Burnett ends the meeting. They leave the auditorium. A woman asks, “Are you canceling the mayor?” White walks back onto the stage while the camera remains behind stage.

53:56Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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