[Voices of Cabrini raw: protest march]

Raw video shot for "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This video features a protest march from Cabrini-Green to Grant Park.

0:14Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:09Copy video clip URL Open to a group of people standing on the sidewalk near the Chicago and Hudson intersection. They’re holding a “Stop Police Brutality” banner. A man teaches a group of young boys a chant: “This is our house! You better leave us alone!”

4:06Copy video clip URL Cut to an older woman folding shirts. She passes out shirts to other demonstrators. The shirts read: “Redevelopment. Don’t Displace.”

5:02Copy video clip URL Media interview, WGN and NBC, with a woman. Audio is hard to hear. Woman: “The mayor wants to develop this land…he only wants to leave 15% for the residents who are here.”

6:09Copy video clip URL Cut to a group of young boys and girl practicing the chant and holding protest signs: “Don’t let them kill Cabrini-Green.” And: “CHA: Chicago’s biggest slum lord.” And: “Hunt Us Down” (for HUD). And: “We will not accept slavery in any form.” And: “Fix ’em up don’t tear ’em down.”A woman tries to teach a toddler a chant.

9:12Copy video clip URL Cut to a Toyota pick-up truck refashioned into a hearse. The protesters begin assembling for their march to Grant Park. A woman uses a megaphone: “We are here to stay! We are not gonna be displaced!”

12:04Copy video clip URL A woman gets interviewed by WVON. Audio comes in and out. A group of protesters practice their chant: “Housing is a right! Fight! Fight! Fight!” Another woman passes out pamphlets to protesters. A policeman instructs an organizer the best method of forming a protest line, because of bottle-neck down the street.

14:04Copy video clip URL The protesters begin their march: “Stop the war on the poor!”

15:26Copy video clip URL They walk under the el tracks.

17:15Copy video clip URL Protesters try passing out socialist literature to bystanders.

18:50Copy video clip URL The protest turns to walk south on Orleans Avenue.

22:38Copy video clip URL Protesters stop to move infants and young children to the front of the line. Long shot from above of protesters passing by.

24:03Copy video clip URL Protesters cross the Franklin-Orleans St. bridge into the Chicago downtown business district.

25:24Copy video clip URL Crossing Lake St.

26:07Copy video clip URL Outside City Hall. They enter City Hall and take the elevator to the Office of the Mayor.

22:50Copy video clip URL A woman [Adrian…?] takes a poster board into the Office of the Mayor. The protesters chant and leave. They make their way to the Federal Building.

37:24Copy video clip URL Protesters stand outside the Federal Building at Jackson and Dearborn: “The people, united, will never be defeated!”

45:06Copy video clip URL Cut to protesters walking past a street festival. They make their way to Grant Park.

45:57Copy video clip URL Color bars. Cut to protesters and police crossing Michigan Avenue at Jackson Avenue.

47:59Copy video clip URL Cut to the front of the protest line showing signs for Local 880 of the Service Employees International Union.

50:26Copy video clip URL Protesters gathering in Grant Park. A stage has been set up. Drum music is playing. A woman with a guitar and another woman with a tambourine sing “We Shall Not Be Moved.”

52:12Copy video clip URL A young man, resident of McClurg Courts, sings.

53:42Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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