[Voices of Cabrini raw #20]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This video shows the camera crew having trouble entering 1150 N. Sedgwick. Ten minutes into the tape there are extended shots of Tammy Smith packing.

0:02Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:46Copy video clip URL Tammy Smith’s family is outside 1150 N. Sedgwick in the winter. They’re gathering cardboard boxes to move out of their apartment. [Segment removed]

1:52Copy video clip URL Camera crew enters the building. Video from outside the elevator bank. The family walks down the hallway up the stairs to their apartment. [Segment removed]

2:52Copy video clip URL Camera crew is escorted outside the building. Joseph Shuldiner tries to enter the building. Crew and Shuldiner are stuck outside the elevator bank. Shuldiner takes the radio from the building’s security officer.

8:52Copy video clip URL Shuldiner and crew walk outside the building.

9:40Copy video clip URL Video goes black.

9:56Copy video clip URL Inside Tammy Smith’s kitchen. Cut to Smith inside her bedroom. She tapes together moving boxes. They pack. This continues for several minutes. Audio is clear.

16:14Copy video clip URL Shot of the closet being cleaned out. They continue to pack and then enter the kitchen and Smith talks on the telephone.

21:14Copy video clip URL Back inside Smith’s bedroom. She tapes boxes.

22:58Copy video clip URL Close ups of children’s toys and dressers.

23:49Copy video clip URL Smith walks up and down a puddle-filled hallway. She continues to pack up the bedroom. She packs toys and stuffed animals and chats with Ronit Bezalel.

33:00Copy video clip URL Smith’s friend eats noodles and talks about CHA’s resident policies: “They gave them a 30 day notice and then the next day they tell them to move.”

39:23Copy video clip URL Cameraman Antonio Ferrera asks about “the bigger issue” in Cabrini. Woman: “The buildings have been condemned…they basically need a lot of work…but I don’t think they should be torn down.”

40:26Copy video clip URL Woman: “You gotta give them a chance to find a job [before expecting them to pay utilities somewhere else]…”

41:28Copy video clip URL The woman talks about people who judge Cabrini’s community without ever visiting it or really knowing anything about the community: “They don’t know nothin’ about these buildings.” She hopes CHA will build them another community.

43:12Copy video clip URL Bezalel asks the woman why it’s her right to live on this same property, given that they’re living in public housing: “You can fight it as much as you want…everybody is not weak minded like that…I just hope they give us another building.”

44:16Copy video clip URL Bezalel asks her what it was like growing up in Cabrini. Woman: “It was the bomb!” She recalls her childhood and then leaves to answer the phone.

45:47Copy video clip URL Cut to Smith’s friend standing next to a pile of packing boxes. She helps Smith pack and says that she wishes she’d stayed in Cabrini, because she would have received a Section 8 certificate.

48:01Copy video clip URL A child comes into the room with a basketball. Smith’s friend talks about how their respective families have been around the longest in the community: “Everybody looked out for each other and their kids.”

51:02Copy video clip URL Shot of ceiling of a bedroom with water damage, followed by shots of the bedroom’s furniture and remaining objects.

52:41Copy video clip URL Shot of an oven and stove top and then a shot of Smith’s friend looking out the living room window. She sits on a chair and asks the crew where they live.

55:14Copy video clip URL Back inside Smith’s bedroom. Her friend packs up CDs and stereo equipment. Tammy Smith yells out the window: “Who told you to put my car right there?”

57:49Copy video clip URL Tammy and her friend warm themselves at the oven. They chat.

1:01:03Copy video clip URL Quick shot of fuses.

1:02:28Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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