[Voices of Cabrini raw: last day at Robbins’s Barbershop]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This video features the last business day inside George Robbins's barbershop on 456 W. Division Street.

0:19Copy video clip URL Open to George Robbins in his barbershop. Several still shots of his posters. Robbins shows several of his favorites, including framed pictures of Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and boxer Muhammad Ali.

9:42Copy video clip URL Cut to Robbins on the phone. He stands behind the barber’s chair and unpacks his tools and tidies for the day.

14:01Copy video clip URL He takes out a sandwich to eat for breakfast.

17:06Copy video clip URL Robbins’s first customer sits down for a haircut.

20:57Copy video clip URL Cut to a man seated, reading the newspaper. He’s waiting for his turn to get a haircut. Audio of Robbins chatting with a customer. Cut to a man’s scalp being closely trimmed by Robbins’s electric razor.

23:46Copy video clip URL Customers and Robbins discuss relocation and the redevelopment of Cabrini. Camera pans over the customer seated at the barber’s chair.

26:29Copy video clip URL Robbins talks about getting a small space in the newly built mall in Old Town on Clybourn.

29:48Copy video clip URL The next customer gets his haircut. He and Robbins talk basketball.

34:11Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of the customer’s shoes. He reads the newspaper and they continue to talk basketball.

39:03Copy video clip URL Pan to a young boy sitting in line. He smiles to the camera. An older man enters the barbershop and sits. Robbins and his customer talk about types of cars.

40:48Copy video clip URL Cut to the row of people waiting. The older man and young boy are joined by another older man. He reads the newspaper. The young boy is restless. Robbins and his brother, Moe, bicker. Robbins gives the young boy his haircut. Robbins chats with one of the older men about basketball.

41:09Copy video clip URL A young woman enters the barbershop. She sits between the two men.

43:06Copy video clip URL In-camera cut. The two men waiting for their haircuts are gone. Only the woman sits in wait for her turn.

43:35Copy video clip URL In-camera cut. The woman gets her haircut, but has left her Knicks jacket on the chair where she waited her turn. She picks up her jacket to leave and pays Robbins. He tells her that he’s going to move to 160 W. Division.

45:14Copy video clip URL Cut to a woman digging through a large bag. He stands in front of the row of waiting chairs. Robbins: “Can’t find it, huh?” The woman leaves. Video goes black.

46:33Copy video clip URL Back inside the barbershop. An older man, Mr. William, sits down to wait for a haircut. Robbins is buzzing a customer’s hair and talks about the stock market: “It’s up and down, up and down!”

58:06Copy video clip URL Three brothers sit down to wait for a haircut. One of the youngest brothers goes first.

51:19Copy video clip URL Color bars then cut back to the barbershop. A different line of brothers wait for their haircut. The eldest brother of the first group sits down. He is still waiting for a haircut.

53:35Copy video clip URL While the eldest brother from the first group gets his haircut, a father and his son sit down to wait for a haircut. An older man enters and sit. At this point, the waiting area is filled with people.

54:38Copy video clip URL Cut to a few minutes into the future. The sound of someone urinating can be heard. Another older man sits down.

55:39Copy video clip URL Cut to George Robbins eating his lunch. It is about 2:20Copy video clip URL pm. He talks basketball.

59:36Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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