[Voices of Cabrini raw #0213]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This video records interviews and conversation inside George Robbins's barbershop at 456 W. Division Street.

0:28Copy video clip URL Color bars. Audio of a television show.

0:56Copy video clip URL Cut to George Robbins cleaning up in his barbershop. He talks about the amount of average customers he gets a day (10-15).

3:04Copy video clip URL He talks about the changes of haircut styles and shaves and the time each haircut takes.

6:03Copy video clip URL A customer sits down for his haircut.

8:12Copy video clip URL Robbins says he doesn’t take appointments.

13:31Copy video clip URL 1100 N. Larrabee was the old location of his barbershop. He goes through the history of his business.

16:34Copy video clip URL Robbins says that the gangs started in the early 1960’s. He talks about gang recruitment and growth: “The more they grew, the more activities we saw from the gangs, and then more and more began to move out…”

21:00Copy video clip URL Robbins talks about the fear of being shot while working: “It’s safer than it used to be.”

22:01Copy video clip URL Cut, more people waiting in line for a haircut. A young boy gets his haircut.

23:41Copy video clip URL A woman gets her haircut.

24:22Copy video clip URL Cut to Robbins in his chair. He talks about his wife and her death.

27:15Copy video clip URL A man walks in for to buy a hat and a boy enters for a haircut. Robbins talks about gang-community relations.

35:56Copy video clip URL Robbins talks about Cabrini’s early community and the emergence of gangs.

40:41Copy video clip URL Video moves to still frame. Cut back to a young boy getting his haircut in real time.

41:53Copy video clip URL Robbins talks about members of the community getting forced out of their neighborhood.

54:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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