[Voices of Cabrini raw: demolition of Robbins’s Barbershop]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This video records interviews and conversation inside George Robbins's barbershop at 456 W. Division Street. The final twenty minutes of the tape records the demolition of George Robbins's barbershop.

0:14Copy video clip URL Shot of a large black and white photograph of children reading. We are inside George Robbins’s near-empty barbershop. Several pans across the room.

2:22Copy video clip URL Cut to a long shot of Robbins’s barbershop.

3:03Copy video clip URL Cut to inside Robbins’s old barbershop. He removes posters and paper ephemera, like a historical calendar, from the walls. He cleans the shop.

11:09Copy video clip URL Robbins starts sweeping the floor.

12:00Copy video clip URL In-tape fast forward of tape. Return to normal rate to show Robbins packing up more objects.

14:47Copy video clip URL Shot of Ronit Bezalel and Robbins sitting on the barber chairs. Audio is difficult to hear.

19:38Copy video clip URL A man uses Robbins’s electric beard trimmer to shape his mustache. Robbins gives someone a haircut.

20:58Copy video clip URL Cut to Robbins’s barbershop. A young boy and his older brother and their mother enter the shop.

29:11Copy video clip URL Robbins gives a young boy a haircut.

34:36Copy video clip URL Cut to a man in the barber’s chair. They chat.

35:40Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of water dripping into a Kool Cigarettes bin. Video goes black.

35:58Copy video clip URL Cut to Robbins sitting on his chair eating a sandwich.

38:53Copy video clip URL Robbins and his brother, Moe, lounge on the barber’s chairs during lunchtime.

39:51Copy video clip URL Robbins lays his tools on a counter top.

42:00Copy video clip URL Black.

41:10Copy video clip URL Cut to a bulldozer razing the lot where Robbins’s barbershop stood.

42:48Copy video clip URL Long shot of the bulldozer and former barbershop.

44:08Copy video clip URL Shot of the idling bulldozer and the dirt lot. A construction worker takes the wheel of the bulldozer. Demolition continues.

53:40Copy video clip URL Close-up of two men watching the demolition.

57:44Copy video clip URL Long shot of Cabrini building, 1150-1160 N. Sedgwick, and the skyline.

1:02:20Copy video clip URL Long shot of bulldozer from the other side of Division Street.

1:03:39Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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