[Voices of Cabrini raw: buildings footage – redevelopment plans]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This video features shots of newly-constructed town homes on Mohawk Avenue, poster board presentations from several private redevelopment contractors, and b-roll video shot in the Cabrini community on the Sedwick buildings parking lot and in front of the Cabrini row houses on Hudson Avenue.

0:08Copy video clip URL Open to a brief shot of a map of the Cabrini-Green area.

0:10Copy video clip URL Shot of a “Old Town Square” town homes sale sign, which lists condos at $356,900.

1:42Copy video clip URL Same shot, but zoom out to show the skyline and elevated train tracks.

2:19Copy video clip URL Pan shot of new town homes. Multiple takes.

6:29Copy video clip URL Zoomed in shot of a young boy, a new resident of the town homes. More attempts at the last shot.

8:55Copy video clip URL Shot of two workers building a new home.

9:12Copy video clip URL Real estate sign. Cut to a worker and the building, a project of KBC Construction.

9:54Copy video clip URL Long shot of one of the Cabrini buildings, pan over to a real estate sign for 1407 N. Mohawk Avenue. Multiple shots of the sign.

11:11Copy video clip URL Cut to a representative for the Holsten-Kenard Redevelopment Proposal, 271 units total, 30% public housing, 20% affordable housing, and 50% market rate housing.

13:47Copy video clip URL Proposal for mixed-income redevelopment, from the Near North Redevelopment Initiative.

15:05Copy video clip URL Close-up of one of the redevelopment plan drawings. Zoom out to show the Holsten-Kenard Redevelopment Plan. Close up of various proposed Evergreen Street development.

16:38Copy video clip URL Close up of a sign: “Who Lives Where.”

17:07Copy video clip URL Cut to video from a party.

17:12Copy video clip URL Cut to the map for the Near North Redevelopment Initiative near Stanton Park. Various kinds of proposed town homes.

18:57Copy video clip URL Close up of the “Southwest Old Town Development Associates.”

20:40Copy video clip URL Sign: “Welcome to Cabrini Rowhouse, Tenant Management Council, Residents Taking Over, 984 N. Hudson Ave.”

21:39Copy video clip URL Cut to three young girls sitting on a curb. A fourth runs into the frame to be on camera. She poses for the camera. More people join them. They’re outside 1150/1160 N. Sedgwick.

22:50Copy video clip URL Cut to video from on a blacktop. Camera follows a mother, child, and dog. Outside 911 N. Sedwick Ave.

24:20Copy video clip URL A car is parked on the lot between the Sedgwick high rises. Video of children playing in the area, people coming and going. Outside 923 N. Sedgwick.

25:39Copy video clip URL A young girl and two boys stand on the blacktop. A group of mothers push their children in strollers. Mark Pratt can be heard on the audio.

26:22Copy video clip URL Two young boys, one Trevonte Pratt, throw water balloons at a dumpster.

27:40Copy video clip URL A group of young children and their mother play with a bicycle. They are outside 923 N. Sedgwick. People come and go on the lot. A young boy learns to ride (and stop) a bike.

31:49Copy video clip URL Cut to later in the day, near dusk. Two young women walk down the street and eat ice cream. A family sits on their stoop behind a fence. Pratt: “A community encaged on itself! It’s a metaphor!” They tape on the front lawn. Children play with a football and small bicycle.

36:40Copy video clip URL They walk onto the sidewalk. Mark Pratt is chatting with people.

37:09Copy video clip URL Pratt chats with a man wearing a Bud Billiken Parade 1994 t-shirt.

40:49Copy video clip URL Cut to outside 939 N. Hudson, where Pratt stands chatting with two women and a young boy repairs his bicycle.

42:11Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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