[Voices of Cabrini raw: Cutaways]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the city of Chicago. This video features footage of the demolition of 1115-1117 N. Sedgwick, interviews with Peter "KSO-G" Geller and Mark Pratt, and several cut-away shots of 1150-1160 N. Sedgwick and redevelopment sites.

0:03Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:54Copy video clip URL Open to 1117-1119 N. Cleveland mid-demolition. No audio. Resident Peter “KSO-G” Geller walks in front of the camera to watch the demolition and then walks out of frame.

1:42Copy video clip URL Close up of a wrecking ball knocking debris off the building.

3:23Copy video clip URL Cut to KSO-G watching the demolition. Audio comes in. KSO-G walks around the fence surrounding the demolition site. Director Ronit Bezalel asks him why they’re demolishing the building. KSO-G: “Well, basically, there have been various reasons. Some say they want the land to renovate, to restore the property where there’s low-income housing or, y’know, maybe some development for the yuppie neighborhood, which is only like one block east of us. They’ve come in and they’re relocated some, but a lot of people they just told they had to move…” He calls the redevelopment unethical. They try another take and adjust sound levels.

5:59Copy video clip URL KSO-G explains that demolition will be replaced by either new low-income housing or housing for “yuppies.” He maintains that every square foot at Cabrini-Green is worth $1,000. He describes how the demolition is impacting school children and how some people waited for 8 or 9 years to move into 1117 N. Cleveland only to be told that they had to move. KSO-G: “Who is the policy for?”

7:28Copy video clip URL Cut to KSO-G walking near the demolition site. The Chicago skyline is behind him. Cut to KSO-G standing on the blacktop outside Wayman AME Methodist Church at 509 W. Elm Street, which was neutral ground for the gangs and an important spot for community life generally. He says that Wayman is a popular church and that Cabrini-Green is home to 8 or 9 churches for residents: “Cabrini is like a city within a city. It’s just too bad that these hungry developers are coming in trying to claim a land that has for so long been to the people.” He questions why “all of a sudden now” real estate developers are interested in the area. KSO-G walks around the fence. Shot of a wrecking ball tearing down the side of the building.

11:41Copy video clip URL Quick cut to two people on a couch and then cut back to the demolition ground. More video of demolition.

18:18Copy video clip URL Cut to outside a building. Video of 1150-1160 N. Sedgwick with boarded windows. Several shots of the building.

23:22Copy video clip URL Shot of stencil on boarded up windows: “Muhammad Ali Board Up Service.”

23:42Copy video clip URL Pan of the Cabrini-Green grounds shot just southeast of Sedgwick and Division. Zoom out from people across the courtyard to the side of 1150 N. Sedgwick. Multiple takes of the same pan.

28:54Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Cabrini-Green buildings and a tennis court during sunset.

29:21Copy video clip URL Cameraman walks toward Jenner High School to a car. They greet Mark Pratt and his children. Pratt talks with the filmmakers about the people he knows who have had to move due to demolition. Then, he and his children walk away over the lot. Another group of children play in the snow.

39:38Copy video clip URL Cut to a group of young children in front of the camera. They shout. Cut to another shot of 500 W. Oak during sunset. The children slowly walk away.

41:19Copy video clip URL Color bars.

41:38Copy video clip URL Zoomed-in shot of Cabrini-Green buildings. Pan and zoom out to show a bulldozer making its way to a redevelopment site. Pan to show multiple town house foundations mid-construction. Multiple takes of the same shot.

48:10Copy video clip URL Static.

48:24Copy video clip URL Return to the last shot, featuring the roof of  a Cabrini-Green building and then a pan to show redevelopment construction.

51:09Copy video clip URL Shot of the side of a town house mid-construction.

52:16Copy video clip URL Shot of a group of construction workers building a town house. Close up of a bulldozer.

53:28Copy video clip URL Shot of newly-built, wood-frame garages in front of newly-built town homes. From the corner of the street the crew tapes a female developer speaking with construction workers in front of a large Mack truck. Various shots of the garages.

1:00:03Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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