[Voices of Cabrini raw: Pratt family at Robbins Barber Shop]

Footage for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the city of Chicago. This video features footage of the Pratt family at home in Cabrini Green.

00:09Copy video clip URL Color bars.

01:15Copy video clip URL Trevonte Pratt washes dishes.

02:17Copy video clip URL Cut to Mark Pratt’s face. He is standing outside wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. Cut to Pratt entering Robbins’s Barber Shop. Cut back to inside Pratt’s apartment. His children are watching television. They are watching footage from “Voices of Cabrini.”

7:10Copy video clip URL Mark and his children watch attentively. Trevonte comments on gentrification: “They’re trying to tear down a black community that means a lot to the residents who live there.” Mark: “I think she’s accomplished that, the fact that everybody’s side has been told from their own words out of their own mouth…just so much information condensed in so little time…”

9:12Copy video clip URL Trevonte says that the film reveals the truth about Cabrini: “about the violence…and how people are blowing it out of proportion…they were trying to argue for Cabrini to stay up.” Trevonte says he’s happy about living in Cabrini, but that the news media and Mayor Richard M. Daley are spinning the truth about the neighborhood. Pratt states that he is currently looking for a new home. He’s tired of fighting. Trevonte asks why his father is quitting on the community. Pratt explains his reasons: “We don’t have the will to want in a good way.”

13:18Copy video clip URL Pratt: “You cannot sit here and try to decipher in another person’s mind. It’s all about the individual. When you turn 18 your responsibility is first to register for the draft and then register to vote…a lot of people are just fed up and through their tiredness they’ve decided not to participate at all.”

14:51Copy video clip URL Trevonte: “I’m happy that I live here, cause if I lived someplace else and…listening to what the news is saying about Cabrini, I’d be scared to come here…that’s exactly what they want–they don’t want people to come here, they just want people to disagree about this place, they want it to get knocked down.”

15:39Copy video clip URL Pratt explains how he’s looking for a new home: “I’m just looking for a home on my own…I’m gonna try my damnedest to get out of here before they get to this building…I just want to get out of here. I’m tired. I’m tired of the fight.” He talks about trying to save his community or do what’s best for his family.

18:36Copy video clip URL Pratt: “I’m not giving up, I’m not quitting. I’m moving ahead, I’m growing…why leave from one CHA development to another CHA development…when I could own my own home and never deal with CHA again?” He chats with his wife through the window while she stands in the courtyard.

20:23Copy video clip URL Pratt introduces his wife, Tracy. They chat with Trevonte and Emmanuel.

22:00Copy video clip URL Static.

22:06Copy video clip URL Tracy makes breakfast while Mark browses on his laptop. Mark communicates via e-mail with his son in California while Tracy and Mark chat.

34:30Copy video clip URL Cut to inside Robbins’s Barber Shop. Mark Pratt and Trevonte come for a haircut.

38:00Copy video clip URL While cutting Trevonte’s hair, Robbins talks about the upcoming move of his barber shop to Division and Wells. Trevonte comments on Robbins having to move his business. The conversation is hard to hear over the electric shears.

42:39Copy video clip URL Trevonte: “I was sorta sad and upset and confused [when I learned Robbins’s barbershop had to move], cause he been here for a long time, and now they wanna try to kick him out and stuff…” Robbins explains how the redevelopment forced him to change locations: “All the poor people gotta go, they’ll be pushed out because of the redevelopment.”

45:34Copy video clip URL Trevonte and Robbins talk about how the neighborhood has changed. Trevonte: “There’s a lot more violence and drug dealing…more disrespect.” Robbins: “A lot of disrespect for women and children.” Robbins asks Trevonte if the new phase will be better than the old phase of development. Trevonte: “I say no, but I’m kinda in the middle of it, cause I’m trying to figure out should I believe them…” Robbins insists that it’ll be better if current residents can be guaranteed a place in the new development. Trevonte says he likes the high rise he currently lives in.

49:19Copy video clip URL Trevonte: “That’s another thing. You can know your way around if you just study, cause you look out the window and see all the space it is in…it’s just like a big maze.”

50:09Copy video clip URL Robbins asks Trevonte whether any of Trevonte’s friends ever got beat up or shot. Trevonte: “No. One of my friends said he got skinned by a bully…I don’t believe him though.” Robbins asks Trevonte whether, after he graduates law school, he will come back and defend the people who have been mistreated by the police. Trevonte: “Yup. Hope we get another black mayor.”

53:11Copy video clip URL Trevonte’s haircut is finished, but Robbins insists on detailing one last part of his haircut. During this time, Robbins tells Trevonte that, if he were mayor of Chicago, the first thing he should do to defeat gangs would be to tear down the high rises. Mark Pratt sits down for his haircut. Robbins suggests that Mark has been using a hair growing product. They chat as his haircut proceeds.

1:01:38Copy video clip URL Static

1:01:40Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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