[Voices of Cabrini raw: Pratt family – picnic]

Video for the documentary "Voices of Cabrini." Shot between 1995-1999, it documented the Cabrini Green redevelopment project proposed and carried out by the City of Chicago. This tape features footage of the Pratt family at home in Cabrini Green, as well as a community picnic featuring a performance by the Jesse White Tumblers.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black screen and static.

0:09Copy video clip URL Color bars with audio from inside Mark Pratt’s apartment.

0:59Copy video clip URL Interior of Mark Pratt’s apartment. His children are eating pizza and watching television. He cleans up in the kitchen. Video of their meal continues for several minutes. Filmmaker Ronit Bezalel and Pratt chat.

11:35Copy video clip URL Cut to the long hallway in Pratt’s apartment. Pratt is trying to put his children to bed for a nap.

13:48Copy video clip URL Pratt takes Myanna to the living room. They sit together and watch television.

16:00Copy video clip URL REMOVED

18:38Copy video clip URL Pratt and Myanna sit together in front of their computer. He talks about buying toys for his children and organizing their apartment.

25:12Copy video clip URL Cut to Pratt’s children’s bedroom. Emmanuel is lying on the floor, but Trevonte and Mark, Jr. are awake. They play and create a makeshift hammock. Video of the boys in their room continues for several minutes.

29:46Copy video clip URL Cut to the interior of the girls’ room. Mark Jr. reads a poem. They read it again together.

29:51Copy video clip URL Cut to a parking lot. The hood of a car is open and two man stand near.

30:57Copy video clip URL Cut to a bbq/picnic on the grounds of one of the Cabrini buildings. Children play in the background. A very young boy, Reginald Carter, Jr., introduces himself. An older woman helps him with the words and walks away.

30:24Copy video clip URL Three older boys come to the camera and start to introduce themselves.

30:28Copy video clip URL Cut to a group of women cooking. A group of young children stand in front of the camera, three boys and one young girl. The boys farthest right show a Vice Lords gang sign.

33:15Copy video clip URL Cut to two women working over the grill. Bezalel asks the children what they’re all up to. They describe how the building, 365 W. Oak Street, is having a picnic. Cut to a longer shot of children and picnic tables.

34:47Copy video clip URL Close up of the grill.

35:32Copy video clip URL Cut to a group of girls jump roping.

35:46Copy video clip URL A crowd gathers in the parking lot. The Jesse White Tumblers, a team of Cabrini-Green gymnasts, sets up for an event.

37:20Copy video clip URL Jesse White announces that the event will start in five minutes. He prepares a small trampoline with tape. Children crowd around him and the camera.

38:18Copy video clip URL Jesse White: “My name is Jesse White. I’m the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. I’m also the coach and founder of the Jesse White tumbling team. Mostly young people living in this community, we have 930 shows on our schedule for this year, 165 professional baseball, basketball, football, and soccer games. [It’s a] juvenile delinquency prevention program: No drinking, smoking…” The tape cuts out briefly. The tumblers warm up as a crowd gathers. They do hand stands and flips.

39:28Copy video clip URL Show begins. The tumblers flip over each other and assemble into different human pyramid shapes. They jump over a banner advertisement for Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

42:37Copy video clip URL Close up of children watching the tumblers.

43:59Copy video clip URL Jesse White and an assistant holding down a trampoline. The tumblers flip twelve feet into the air.

45:57Copy video clip URL The tumblers end their show with one last long jump. 15 people bend over in a line. One of the older tumblers successfully flips over all of them. They bow and the show ends.

47:02Copy video clip URL Cut to White on top of a van. He ties down the gym mats.

47:46Copy video clip URL Cut to a group of children in a field, and then cut back to the parking lot. The crowd has dispersed and the van leaves. A woman talks about the value of the tumblers. Cut to children pushing another in a shopping cart.

48:58Copy video clip URL Interview with Stan, “one of the others of Cabrini,” a white person. He’s been living in Cabrini-Green for eight years. Stan: “It’s so much different than what people think this is, that there’s families here trying to raise their kids, dress their kids, [educate them], thank Jesus for today.”

49:42Copy video clip URL Interview with Eddie Murphy of the Slick Boys rap group. He talks about the positive aspects of the Cabrini-Green community and the current development project: “This is America, we don’t value lives, we value money…we have to go back to basic fundamentals, show them love, show them respect, and be a community toward each other…”

50:38Copy video clip URL More video from the picnic. Rap music plays through speakers. Various shots of people eating and children playing.

57:27Copy video clip URL Cut to a parking lot. People are inspecting the engine of a car.

58:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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