[Love Family 6: Wainwright House]

Footage of the Love Family singing at the Wainwright House in Rye, New York, along with another group from Harlem.

00:00Copy video clip URL A sing-along: “Let all the people praise thee!” The Love Family sits in a circle inside a small room. Several family members stand at microphones singing and playing instruments. The rest sing and clap along to the songs. 

00:30Copy video clip URL A song: “Mother of peace, fulfill your destiny. Mother of peace, Jerusalem”

04:43Copy video clip URL A song: “We’re gonna get right back to the simple facts and love everyone!”

08:03Copy video clip URL No audio. A family member in a tie-dyed bandana wears grotesque masks while speaking at the microphone. He seems to be telling a story. 

15:30Copy video clip URL Audio returns. He continues: “Since nothing funny has ever really happened, that means we have to exercise our [inaudible] and our laughter muscles.” He leads the group in a “laughter exercise” in which they repeat “ha ha ha” over and over again. He talks about laughter and demonstrates different kinds of “real” laughs and does the exercise again, with members performing their “real” laughs. “I know I’m not gonna die, but if I did I’d like to die laughing.” 

19:53Copy video clip URL He does a mime routine. 

25:54Copy video clip URL Songs performed by a small band of family members. “Let us gather together to share all our joy.” “I believe in magic, I can see it when I’m here. It’s a constant revelation in knowing god is near.” 

32:00Copy video clip URL A group of three African-American singers and a pianist performs. The pianist speaks to the crowd about connecting with the person next to them while the two singers harmonize: “Oh god, reach out.” “The power is in me. The power is in me.”

49:49Copy video clip URL The group continues with a new song. “There’s a ship in the wind.” The pianist talks about negative thoughts while continuing to play. He talks about being dedicated to his community in Harlem. The crowd starts to sing and clap along: “We are one love.” 

58:01Copy video clip URL The pianist introduces another song. “Energy cannot be destroyed.” The female vocalist sings: “I wanna give you more of my love.” 



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