[Walking dog – Maxwell Street – blues band]

Raw footage of taking the dog for a walk, a trip to Maxwell Street Market, and a street blues band performance. Possible home movie footage?

00:00Copy video clip URL Panning around Jennifer’s apartment in Chicago. She decides to take her dog Blue out for a walk.

05:15Copy video clip URL Oscar, a boy who is 11 years old and recognizes Blue, comes up to pet the dog with his brother Cesar, age 9. They converse about baseball and school, then go to the school playground and throw a tennis ball while Blue retrieves it.

12:00Copy video clip URL Their little sister joins them, acting shy and refusing to tell her name. They continue to play with the dog in the playground.

25:15Copy video clip URL The little sister chases the cameraman, laughing, and finally tells him her name is Patricia. Another man walking a dog comes down the sidewalk, while the dog barks at Blue. Finally, the dogs approach each other and the other dog finally stops barking. Blue nips at the other dog and they separate the dogs. Finally, the man with the other dog leaves.

33:08Copy video clip URL Cesar reenacts the dog fight and begins offering “advice” to Blue about his “girlfriend” Sonia.

37:05Copy video clip URL They leave the playground and continue walking the dog, talking about the neighborhood kids.

38:50Copy video clip URL Back to the apartment.

41:20Copy video clip URL Tape cuts out briefly.

41:30Copy video clip URL Maxwell Street Market on Sunday, panning around to see all the vendors and people shopping at this large “make-shift” flea market which has been a Chicago tradition for years.

45:40Copy video clip URL A man and kids dance to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” and other dance tunes, while a crowd watches their street performance.

51:44Copy video clip URL Continue walking down Maxwell Street.

1:05:00Copy video clip URL Blues band playing in the street, with a large crowd gathered around and a few people dancing in front of the band.

1:50:00Copy video clip URL Band member takes the microphone holding a small box and asks for donations. He threatens that “If I don’t get nothing, it will cost you $10 to hear 2 or 3 songs.” Various people come up and put money in the box.

1:51:20Copy video clip URL Band starts playing again.

1:56:31Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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