Documentation of an installation presented at the SIGGRAPH '82 art show, the 9th annual conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, Boston July 26-30, 1982. 1984 version exhibited and a permanent installation at the Ontario Science Centre Canada.

00:22Copy video clip URL Jane Veeder introduces her installation, Warpitout, in front of a wall covered with Polaroid photographs of the work. “It’s a video game, more or less, that allows a player to come up to it, get their face digitized, then use real-time computer graphic processing to modify their image.” 

00:50Copy video clip URL Footage of Warpitout in action and Veeder’s explanation of its function. “With Warpitout I’m using the universal appeal of your own face as an excuse to indulge in computer graphics more directly than you get to do with a commercial video game where you’re interacting with a finished product in restricted ways.” Images of Veeder’s face manipulated and distorted through the program. 

01:47Copy video clip URL Veeder’s explanation continues as she describes the game’s main menu, which has 8 modules to manipulate the image. She goes through each module, demonstrating how they affect the image. “Actually, the ultimate conclusion of playing Warpitout is to make a big mess.” 

05:52Copy video clip URL Veeder explains her process in constructing the game using Zgrass while continuing to demonstrate the different modules. 

07:10Copy video clip URL Veeder choose the “Exit Game” module, which then causes the most recent 9 faces to cycle through. 

08:00Copy video clip URL End credits: Warpitout (c) 1982 Jane Veeder. System: Datamax UV-1, Zgrass Computer. Hardware Support: Real Time Design, Inc. and Dave Nutting Associates. An Installation presented at the SIGGRAPH ’82 Art Show. SIGGRAPH ’82, The Ninth Annual Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. Boston, July 26-30, 1982. Warpitout Document: interactive computer graphic installation, 1982 version software. 1984  version exhibited and a permanent installation at the Ontario Science Centre Canada.

08:37Copy video clip URL End of video. 



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