[Washington No. 2: White House skater]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Camera pans across building in Washington DC.

0:27 Camera does a walk-up to the White House.

1:48 Shot of business entrance to the White House.

2:05 Groups of tourists walk by camera, going to view the White House.

2:48 Some people leave work at the White House. In background, camera man talks to another camera man (?) about working for the Wh ite House Press.

6:12 Camera points out “George Bush for President” bumper sticker on a car. “Well, what else would you expect?” says the cameraman.

6:38 Same street outside White House on a rainy day.

7:18 A small number of tourists gather outside the White House in spite of the rain. People try to videotape the president while the cameraman asks expectantly.

9:20 Camera man talks to a man videotaping the White House about whether he’s tried to make news with his camera. The man says no.

10:15 Shots of Washington Monument, pan to White House gates and spectators waiting, pan to White House

10:46 Shots of Treasury Dept. Building.

12:10 Camera man gets on the move towards a gate that he says was laid down to give the illusion of going through a fence to the White House. He walks along the fenced perimeter of the White House property.

13:19 Camera man arrives at new gates, security guard moves him along.

13:45 Cameraman zooms in on a girl skating a round, listening to earphones, by the White House property. She skates by. He follows her skating to the parking lot.

14:55 Cameraman waits for business-like looking man with special pass to ask questions to. The man confirms that he works at the White House then refuses to say, “Welcome to the 90’s.”


16:27 Girl on skates passes by again, no longer wearing headphones. She says “Welcome to the 90’s” for the camera. She talks about her skating route, how she doesn’t know what the 90s will bring. She talks about skating around the area, then skates away.

18:35 More shots of the Treasury.

19:15 More shots of the White House through the bars.

20:13 Shots of a stand across the street from the White House: “Wanted: Wisdom and Honesty.”

21:00 END



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