Watch It!, episode 101-2

An episode of "Watch It!" featuring video segments that touch upon racial issues, CamNet, music, and more.

1:16Copy video clip URL “Money Money Money”. Eddie Becker interviews workers at a money printing factory.

2:07Copy video clip URL We move outside to interview a man who had also taken a tour of the factory. He also happens to be a Mason, which he talks about at length. This man attempts to lay to rest the widespread misconception that the Masons are a secret society.

8:00Copy video clip URL Joao Ribero music video from Mozambique. In Portuguese with no subtitles.

12:00Copy video clip URL “The New Oz Park” by Dana Hill. Time lapse photography shows the construction of a new playground in Lincoln Park, a project which was completed entirely by the community.

15:00Copy video clip URL Jade Carrol and Molly Covel tell us about a survey that studied TV watching habits among elementary school students.

17:28Copy video clip URL Commercial from The Media Foundation about the dangers of television watching in children.

17:42Copy video clip URL Black and white television montage. Featuring Dwight Eisenhower.

18:01Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

19:39Copy video clip URL Los Angeles. A black man, James Woods, and a white man, Matthew Lang, discuss racism. Lang is relatively resistant to ideas like affirmative action or the idea that racism really exists in America. Afterwards we see an outdoor drums performance and talk to the (all black) musicians about racism, including one Black Muslim.

36:49Copy video clip URL Commercial for Australia.

37:48Copy video clip URL Short black and white film urging recycling.

38:54Copy video clip URL Rhythmic dance performance creating percussive noises.

42:53Copy video clip URL Prof. William King, University of Colorado, talks about the relationship between racism, democracy, and capitalism.

49:42Copy video clip URL Japanese TV commercial.

50:13Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

51:43Copy video clip URL Selections from CamNet, the first camcorder network. By Nancy Cain. TV news report about a man attacking former president Ronald Reagan. Apparently the man attacked Reagan accidentally in the process of attempting to raise consciousness about nuclear testing.

53:53Copy video clip URL A live concert in the desert. Wavy Gravy (Hot Crossed Bunny) is interviewed in a rabbit costume. The event appears to be a pre-protest gathering to attempt to close down a nuclear power plant.

57:26Copy video clip URL Reagan in war movies. He plays a pilot that “can’t seem to spot enemy aircraft.”

59:08Copy video clip URL Black and white commercials. Jack Narz advertises Space Patrol decoder rings.

1:00:05Copy video clip URL Commercial for Ducks Unlimited.

1:01:15Copy video clip URL End



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