Watch It!, episode 101-3

An episode of "Watch It!" featuring different video segments. Segments touch upon Jerry Brown, the First Lady, Elvis, and more.

1:12Copy video clip URL Selections from CamNet. New York City. By Skip Blumberg. Jerry Brown supporters meet at City Hall. He then talks to a singing book vendor on the street until he realizes he’s late for the Jerry Brown event. He stops and talks to the volunteers on the street.

7:30Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA about the garbage problem.

8:00Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

9:30Copy video clip URL Back to the Jerry Brown supporters. Brown himself exits City Hall and greets the crowd. Protesters demand that Brown articulate a clear policy on AIDS. Most of the people in the crowd are skeptical and not certain yet that they support Brown. The AIDS protesters emerged from the meeting very satisfied about Brown’s response.

19:28Copy video clip URL Cartoon urges conservation of Antarctica. Commercial for Greenpeace.

19:58Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA about chemical farming.

20:29Copy video clip URL Ducks Unlimited commercial.

21:29Copy video clip URL Man raps about his feelings on Bush

22:13 Beth Lapides talks about the role of First Lady and her campaign to separate the offices of First Lady and President. She thinks that the American people should be able to vote not only for President, but also for First Lady. By Judith Binder.

28:30Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA urging more voter participation.

29:30Copy video clip URL Ad urging citizens to call the President and pressure him to attend the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro.

30:00 Cartoon urges conservation of Antarctica. Commercial for Greenpeace.

30:30Copy video clip URL Digital sign showing us the changing counts of current acres of rain forest versus the world population.

31:29 By Jody Procter. People are questioned outside the post office about how they plan to vote on the introduction of an Elvis stamp. Only one man agrees to talk to them. Procter is interviewed by CBS.

35:46Copy video clip URL By Patrick Creadon. Tony Fitzpatrick talks about an Elvis art show he put together. One important object he has is the toilet that Elvis died on. He shows us some things, but mainly spends the time introducing us to people and pretending they are relatives of Elvis. He talks at length with Jonathan Rosenbaum.

47:27Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

48:56Copy video clip URL Commercial for Good Sense trash bags.

49:27Copy video clip URL “Overnight Man”. Joe Cummings talks about past jobs and reporting for WBBM radio.

56:15Copy video clip URL Music Video for song called “Marilyn Monroe” by Phoebe Legere.

61:15Copy video clip URL End



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