Watch It!, episode 102-2

A "video scrapbook" featuring camcorder footage from people around the world.

00:00Copy video clip URL color bars.

00:38Copy video clip URL Black

00:58Copy video clip URL Watch It! opening.

01:10Copy video clip URL Studs Terkel Bridge dedication. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley dedicates Chicago’s Division Street Bridge in honor of Studs Terkel on May 16, 1992. After the dedication Terkel gives a short speech. Mike Royko also appears. Features footage of the Division Street bridge, one of the many iron draw bridges that cross the Chicago River.

07:18Copy video clip URL Clips from “It’s A Living” by Videopolis. Segment with Alfred Pommier, A.K.A. Wheelin’ Lovin’ Al, a Chicago parking lot attendant. Al is quite a character, and the segment follows his daily routine at the parking lot. It continues with Studs Terkel hosting his radio show at WFMT, a local radio station.

14:46Copy video clip URL Bumper for Watch It!

14:51Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSAs. PSAs. One advocating organic farming. One for Amnesty International. AI PSA features Meryl Streep, Keith Richards, and other film/TV, and music stars. One advocating against racism.

16:45Copy video clip URL More clips from “It’s a Living.” Studs Terkel talking about how he admires artists. Also, Studs plays an audio tape that features Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley screaming about nepotism. Also features a secretary, Marcia Stocking, complaining about her job, and Terkel at Riccardo’s, and Italian restaurant.

30:38Copy video clip URL Watch it! bumper.

30:56Copy video clip URL A commercial for Les Brown, a motivational speaker.

32:26Copy video clip URL A commercial Gold Coast Dogs, a Chicago hot dog stand.

32:59Copy video clip URL A segment with Ruth Handler, founder and president of Nearly Me, Inc., a company that manufactures breast prostheses for mastectomy patients. Handler, the inventor of the Barbie doll, and former president of the Mattel Toy company, founded Nearly Me, Inc. after a diagnosis of breast cancer forced her to undergo a double mastectomy. She shows us Nearly Me’s products, takes us on a tour of the factory, and talks to us about her life.

47:15Copy video clip URL Johnny Smoke, a commercial for the American Heart Association.

48:15Copy video clip URL A 1960’s commercial for Instant Ralston cereal, that tells children how to collect box tops of Instant Ralston, so that they may receive a pair of Space Binoculars.

49:16Copy video clip URL Hair Art is Not a Crime. A demonstration in support of the Hair Wrappers, Venice Beach, CA. vendors that use string to decorate peoples’ hair, who are being arrested by the authorities because they do not possess cosmetology licenses.

58:30Copy video clip URL Watch It! bumper

58:54Copy video clip URL Another Les Brown Commercial.

1:00:25Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA advocating litter control.

1:01:04Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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