Watch It!, episode 102-3

An episode of "Watch It!" featuring segments mostly about the environment and differing lifestyles. Includes cigar aficionados in Beverly Hills, an interview with New York's "Wild Man", a feature on a Caribbean restaurant called "The Islander", and more.

1:15Copy video clip URL Nazareth’s Smoking Lounge. Cigar aficionados¬†in Beverly Hills sit around in one of their last havens for cigar smoking. They talk about the unfair restrictions that have been placed upon them and their opinions on the crassness of cigarette smoking.

5:44Copy video clip URL An elderly woman named Daisy performs blues music at Venice Beach. By Nancy Cain.

10:26Copy video clip URL At a circus performance women dance on top of large rolling balls and lie under elephants.

11:56Copy video clip URL Commercial about rain forest destruction from the Rainforest Action Network.

12:28Copy video clip URL PSA about crack-cocaine.

12:58Copy video clip URL Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, Carly Simon, Keith Richards, Susan Lucci, and Sam Waterson do commercial for Amnesty International.

14:04Copy video clip URL Gamblers at a rural bar in Nevada. While playing blackjack, a man tells us his views on the environment, politics, and the game of gambling.

26:48Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

28:18Copy video clip URL Gold Coast Dogs commercial.

28:50Copy video clip URL “Steve Brill, Wildman” by Esti Marpet. In Central Park, New York City, the “wild man” conducts tours pointing out edible plants and teaching about conservation. In 1981, when he was leading tours in New York’s parks, he was arrested and charged with criminal mischief for picking plants. However, the charges didn’t stick because he ate the evidence. After that, he made a deal with the city and now he’s an official Park Department employee. His advice: “Enjoy this planet, it’s yours to partake of, it’s yours to protect.”

39:42Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Salad Bar” by Doug Skinner. Skinner sings and plays the ukelele.

41:41Copy video clip URL A woman talks about her natural foods Caribbean restaurant in Washington D.C. called “The Islander”. Her and her family speak about the importance of eating well and what they enjoy about working in a restaurant together. By Eddie Becker.

49:25Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA about historical building preservation.

49:56Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

51:26Copy video clip URL Media Burn by Ant Farm. July 4, 1975. Car busts through a wall of burning televisions.

55:25Copy video clip URL Chicago Fish House at Grand and Division. We talk to the factory workers and see them preparing the fish. By Pat Creadon and Tony Judge.

59:00Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg reads off names for reporters and interviewees from this tape and previous hours.

61:11Copy video clip URL End



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