Watch It!, episode 103-1

A "video scrapbook" featuring camcorder footage from people around the world. Note: commercials have been edited out of the Quicktime version.

0:55Copy video clip URL “My Dad, Bob” by Vicki Polon. Polon interviews her newly-single 81-year-old father who is getting into the dating game. He has already placed a personal ad and has formed a steady relationship with a 30ish young woman. “The best advice I can give any man is stay single and raise your children the same way.”

3:44Copy video clip URL “Dateless” by Gary Glaser. 30-ish woman complains about how all of her sisters are married and she is not. It’s hard to tell if this is a diary tape or if the woman is an actress.

9:20Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Safe Sex Slut” by T.W.I.T. Performed by Carol Leigh AKA Scarlot Harlot. Woman sings about her slutty activities like having sex in bathrooms but lets us know it’s safe sex.

10:41Copy video clip URL Mary Le Raven. Interview with elderly woman who tells about her sexual relationships. She then sings a bizarre song about bones while holding a doll. This song may or may not be some sort of allusion to the sexual connotation of “bone”. She then shows us a doll she made that has an erect penis. “You’ll find that when the marriages do work out that there’s something wonderful in a man’s pants to keep the marriage together.”

17:10Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

18:40Copy video clip URL Gold Coast Dogs commercial.

19:10Copy video clip URL Joe Cummings visits the Garden Prairie Horse farm and learns about breeding horses, walking us through the process quite graphically. Cummings closes the program with this summary: “So that’s how horses do it. That’s the whole secret. They don’t know each other too well, they know each other from around the stables and out here in the field, but uh, they just got together and did their thing. And they’ll know in 48 hours if it took, and if it didn’t, then Little Petal and Flying Rich get together again. And they do what folks do… they make it!”

31:28Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA. Protect the forest.

32:25Copy video clip URL PSA urging higher voter participation in the United States.

33:19Copy video clip URL Desert Hot Springs, CA. People relax nude in the springs and talk about the American obsession with body image. “I just think we’re absolutely sick as far as the body and sex go.” There is also an extensive analysis of our marriage structure.

43:52Copy video clip URL The annual fertility Festival in Inuyama, Japan. Images of penises everywhere in parades, museums, and markets.

45:49Copy video clip URL Les Brown commercial.

47:20Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA about the homeless problem.

47:47Copy video clip URL We attend a taping of the show “The Love Connection.” People discuss how hard dating is in the ’90s. We see some of the show and interview contestants backstage plus Eric Lieber, executive producer. By Jay April.

56:00Copy video clip URL “Clearance Blouse.” Betty Aberlin does monologue about dating.

59:19Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA about the garbage problem.

1:00:13Copy video clip URL PSA advising against circumcision.



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