Watch It!, episode 103-3

A "video scrapbook" featuring camcorder footage from people around the world.

00:00Copy video clip URL color bars.

00:22Copy video clip URL Black

00:37Copy video clip URL Watch It! opening.

00:51Copy video clip URL “The Condom Store” by Judith Binder. A visit to Condomania, a store in Los Angeles that sells condoms, and condom related novelty items. The store employees talk about how “Magic” Johnson’s acknowledgment of his HIV+ status has changed the store’s demographic, and has widened awareness of safe sex.

10:50Copy video clip URL Les Brown Commercial. A commercial for Les Brown, a motivational speaker.

12:20Copy video clip URL A commercial for Gold Coast Dogs, a Chicago hot dog stand.

12:49Copy video clip URL “Rainbow Warrior” by Jay April. A short documentary about Greenpeace’s flagship, The Rainbow Warrior. Features Bob Hunter, co-founder of Greenpeace.

23:47Copy video clip URL Watch It! bumper.

23:55Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA advocating for voter participation.

24:51Copy video clip URL Miller Lite Commercial. An Australian commercial for Miller Lite Beer.

25:33Copy video clip URL Edsel Commercial from 1958. A vintage commercial for Edsel automobiles.

25:51Copy video clip URL “I Do” by Catherine Desantis. A segment about marriage in which various couples discuss their marriages.

31:31Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck segment by Tom Weinberg. Bill Veeck talks about his life with Mary Francis, his wife, and the importance (or lack of) money.

33:32Copy video clip URL Excerpt from “Nimrod Workman” by Appalshop. A retired coal miner talks about his long marriage.

38:36Copy video clip URL Watch It bumper.

38:44Copy video clip URL Another Les Brown Commercial.

40:14Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSA about inner city crime.

40:42Copy video clip URL “Weird Amsterdam” by Charles Gatewood. A segment that peers into Dutch subculture.

50:14Copy video clip URL “The Love Tapes” by Wendy Clarke. A segment in which a man talks about love and what love is, quoting from the Bible.

53:28Copy video clip URL Watch It! bumper.

53:37Copy video clip URL Direct Effect PSAs. One urges us to “protect the forest,” and another advocates recycling.

55:24Copy video clip URL “Apple Juice” by John Bruce. A glimpse at New York City youth skateboard culture.

58:51Copy video clip URL end credits (spoken).



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