Watch It!, episode 105-2

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

A "video scrapbook" featuring camcorder footage from people around the world.

0:55 “Milly’s Orchid Show” at the Park West in Chicago, starring Brigid Murphy. Murphy plays Southern Belle Milly Mae Smithy for this live variety show.

3:55 Miss Cheryl Trykv comes onstage for her performance as a self-absorbed coffee shop dweller.

15:23 Brigid Murphy does parody commercial advertising Billy Ben Bob’s Expanding Sausages (for the grill) in her Southern Belle character.

17:22 Los Angeles. We spend time with Ignacio the high rise window washer on the side of a skyscraper 1100 feet above the ground. By Nancy Cain.

20:35 “Breathing in L.A.” by Aron Ranen. Ranen takes us to the Air Quality Control monitoring station to get scientific information about air pollution levels in Los Angeles. Then we go to Dublin Fundamental Magnet School to interview the kids about how the quality of air affects them. Over half the kids say they have asthma.

27:39 Music video.

32:35 Gold Coast Dogs commercial.

33:02 Les Brown commercial.

34:33 “Free From Babylon” by Gustavo Vasquez. Treehouse Joe tells us his history. He grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn, learned a trade, went to Vietnam, and then ended up living in the wilderness near San Francisco. He tells us of his theory of symbiotism. He lives in a tree house constructed in a way such that the tree is not negatively impacted in any way by his presence – he uses no nails and distributes the weight so that no branch bears much weight. He tells us about the way he recycles leftover materials from construction sites. He has an essentially free house – he spent $65 to buy some tiles, a sink, and a clay oven.

40:45 Man takes us on a tour of the “real” Jamaica (i.e. the things that are important to locals and out of the tourists’ path), including a trip to a hut where a man makes a tonic out of roots and a trip to the Ganga field.

46:09 Direct Effect PSA about recycling.

47:05 PSA urges U.S. voter participation.

47:59 Middletown, New York. We visit a town fair that features, among other animal events, mule high diving. We talk both to protesters and the trainers of the mules, who give very different stories about the treatment of the animals.

53:20 Earth Day, Washington D.C. Man named Dr. Galaxy (ambassador, Galactic Central) shows us his “Liberty Bones” statue. “We got a trillion dollar star wars missile defense system – let’s fight the war on pollution!” He dances around in front of his statue and scares a little girl in the process. Popeye joins the ecology movement. “I’m Popeye the sailor man, I recycle my spinach can.””Anyone who pollutes the air, earth, or ocean is nothing more than a criminal!” By Eddie Becker.

58:38 Les Brown commercial.

1:00:09 Direct Effect PSA urges substantive change in the way we treat the homeless.



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