Watch it!, episode 105-3

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A "video scrapbook" featuring camcorder footage from people around the world.

1:08 Nazareth’s Smoking Lounge. Cigar afficionados in Beverly Hills. These men sit around in one of their last havens for cigar smoking. They talk about these unfair restrictions that have been placed upon them and their opinions on the crassness of cigarrette smoking. By Jay April.

10:08 Music video for the song “Hollywood Handshake (OK…Bubbye)” by Bianca Miller.

12:42 Robert Demella, New York taxi driver, talks about tricks of the trade with Skip Blumberg. “Once they find out I’m a native New Yorker, seven years of psychiatric bills come pouring right out.” He then rants about television. “[The TV set] has lobotomized you…Do you realize our generation that grew up on TV is probably the STUPIDEST generation to come down the pike?…If it’s not quick, if it’s not easy, if it’s not fast food junk for the mind, you don’t want to hear it!”

16:45 Lime lapse footage of busy urban night scenes.

17:36 Gold Coast Dogs commercial.

18:05 Les Brown commercial.

19:35 Somewhere in Nevada. “The thing I like about this town is, this is the most individualistic town in the U nited States. Everybody lives their own life here and they don’t very seldom mind the other guy’s business.” Segment with a gold prospector who talks about his job and his views on politics. He focuses alot on his idea that the development of natural resources is ruined by environmental regulation. He also takes us for a tour of the old mines. “I think it was the secrecy in mining, the idea that something’s hiding from you, something valuable. I always liked finding Easter eggs.” “You can try and fool some people, but you can’t fool a prospector. It may look real good in the rock, but he’ll take a hammer and there’ll be no gold under it.” “I think it’s a disease. Works on people’ minds, money does.” “It’s the challenge, I think. It’s the challenge of finding things. Fact is, we’re always searching. If we could just turn off the search, we’d be a hell of a lot happier.” By Jim Mulryan.

32:27 Japanese commercial for some sort of pre-packaged soup.

32:55 Japanese commercial featuring a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

33:11 Japanese commercial with a man practicing martial arts.

33:40 Japanese car commercial.

33:55 Japanese commercial for Toyota.

34:22 Segment about the new show being produced by The Annoyance Theatre that involves act out old Brady Bunch episodes on stage. The segment mainly consists of interviews with the actresses, who give us further insight into the show. They claim that taking the shows out of context ma kes it more possible to evaluate the morals and messages behind them and what they say about society. Another actress talks about the role of nostalgia in our society. Featuring a brief clip of Andy Richter and Jane Lynch acting in the play. By Skip Blumberg.

42:54 Clips of people telling jokes from “Punchline”, featuring Dan Castelleneda.

45:30 Les Brown commercial.

47:00 Direct Effect PSA advocating feminism.

47:27 1982. Clip from “A View From the Bleachers” by Tom Weinberg and Judy Shoemaker. Bill Veeck talks about his sports heroes, including Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Jackie Robinson. With Bill Brashler.

57:43 Milly’s Orchid Show at the Park West in Chicago. Brigid Murphy performs a country song with a band.

58:50 Verbal credits.



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