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This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

A pilot broadcast for "Watch it!," a show described as a "video scrapbook" to showcase interesting videos from "regular people."

This episode focuses on Bill Clinton. It includes video footage of his early campaign for president, and follows him through the preparation for his inauguration in 1993, with a heavy focus on the “behind the scenes” views of the campaign, most especially the media coverage of the campaign.

The episode is divided into eight segments. They are as follows:

0:00 “The Beginning of the Trail.” Footage/interviews with Clinton meeting regular people, shooting pool, bowling, and meeting eight-year-old Destiny Cheney, a little girl at one of his rallies. Includes the segment where Clinton is forced to repeatedly walk back and forth with a bag for photographers.

9:16 “The Clinton Family Album.” Footage/interviews with Hillary Clinton, and her brother Tony Rodham; Roger Clinton (singing on the set of the TV show “Designing Women”); and Virginia Kelly, Clinton’s mother.

21:34 “Get Out of the Shot.” Footage of news cameramen arguing with Clinton advanceman Tom Hart to get the best shot.

30:07 “And Leave the Driving…” Footage/interviews with the campaign tour buses (inside and out), and their drivers, including one who has a signed photo of Clinton that has Clinton’s head superimposed onto Harrison Ford’s body, ala Indiana Jones.

37:07 “The Clinton Generation.” Footage/interviews focusing on the young Clinton campaign workers. Also featured is the then cutting edge technology of BBS and e-mail used by Clinton’s campaign to disseminate information.

41:00 “The 1992 Pitch.” Footage/interviews with Rahm Emanuel raising money for Clinton campaign.

41:56 “The 1993 Pitch.” Footage of Rahm Emanuel coordinating Clinton’s inauguration. Included is footage of constituency group liaisons (Jewish, Hispanic, Seniors, Disabled, etc).


46:59 “Grab Bag.”  Home video footage shot in Little Rock, AR on Election Day in 1992.


Interspersed with the campaign footage are other examples of the types of video that the show may air. Included is footage of an interesting food vendor on the streets of Thailand, footage of street performers in Kingston, Jamaica, footage of workers in New York’s garment district, and footage of Ollie L. Mclemore, principle of Chicago’s Beasley School an invite to the Clinton inauguration.



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