[Watch It! pilot]

A pilot broadcast for "Watch it!", a show described as a "video scrapbook" to showcase interesting videos from "regular people."

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:05Copy video clip URL A segment of brief clips from the show.

3:20Copy video clip URL Watch It! introduction. Hosted by Noelle, with producer Joel Cohen. The first Watch It!, filmed on inauguration day, is fittingly about Bill Clinton.

4:50Copy video clip URL Clinton hangs out and plays pool and bowls with regular folks.

6:17Copy video clip URL Clinton and Hillary meet people in Manchester, NH, including a young girl, Destiny Cheney.

7:12Copy video clip URL Bill Clinton is forced to repeatedly walk back and forth with a bag for photographers.

8:00Copy video clip URL David Wilhelm, campaign manager, says the plan of the Clinton campaign is to win.

9:05Copy video clip URL “The Clinton Family Album.” Hillary meets regular people and gives a speech at her old high school in Park Ridge, IL. Different people talk about what Hillary was like in high school.

10:37Copy video clip URL Hillary talks about the scandal between Gennifer Flowers and Clinton, and says the accusation was just a political thing. She says you sometimes have to ignore what people say about you.

12:37Copy video clip URL We meet Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham.

13:46Copy video clip URL Sheila Brothman talks about Bill’s commitment to his family. Henry Woods says they knew in school that Bill was destined for greatness.

14:54Copy video clip URL We meet Bill’s brother Roger, who works in Hollywood on the set of Designing Women. He’s goofy and excited for his brother. We also meet Bill’s mother, Virginia Kelley, who talks about his saxophone-playing.

17:22Copy video clip URL Phitsanulok, Thailand. Men cook by tossing food up really high and catching it in the pan. We also see a brief clip of kids rapping in Jamaica and an interview with a man selling clothing in New York City.

20:00Copy video clip URL “Campaign Moments.” Interview with a politician who says it’s an advantage to not be telegenic. A man accidentally introduces George Bush as a “Freedom Farter.”

21:32Copy video clip URL “Get Out Of The Shot.” A segment on Tom Hart, Clinton advanceman, working at a campaign event at the Chicago Hilton, where Clinton is to speak. He makes preparations to get the perfect shot of Clinton, and has to argue with the press to keep them from getting too close and ruining the shot .

26:07Copy video clip URL Joel Cohen describes Watch It! as “undigested television.”

26:48Copy video clip URL Robert Demella, New York City cab driver, talks about this generation being stupid because of TV.

27:49Copy video clip URL Ed Rabel, news anchorman, privately practices delivering an answer to an unknown question repeatedly. When the question is asked, he delivers the answer flawlessly.

29:50Copy video clip URL “And Leave the Driving…” A segment about the Clinton bus tour. We hear from the bus driver on what a good idea bus touring is, get a tour of the bus , and get a glimpse of the campaign people organizing the stops.

34:02Copy video clip URL Clinton talks with two of his campaign people about the Book of James, quoting a passage or two.

35:04Copy video clip URL Joel Cohen tells us that Skip Blumberg’s shooting technique is great because he lets things happen without interfering. For contrast, we see a clip of Clinton posing at a table in a room crowded with people who photograph him.

37:00Copy video clip URL “The Clinton Generation” We meet a number of volunteers who work on the Clinton Campaign in the information department. They show us their computers and describe their individual jobs.

40:56Copy video clip URL “The 1992 Pitch.” Rahm Emanuel talks on the phone trying to raise money for the Clinton campaign.

41:52Copy video clip URL “The 1993 Pitch.” Rahm Emanuel a year later, now working on putting together the Inauguration. Jorge Velencia introduces us to the leaders of different constituency groups for the campaign.

44:27Copy video clip URL We meet Olli McLemore, who was chosen as an “American face of hope” for the inauguration. Clinton talks to the class of kids from Beasley School who are performing about showing the world such a cool school exists.

46:53Copy video clip URL The Grab Bag. Footage shot on election day by Scott Jacobs in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clinton paraphernalia vendors, people getting ready for Bill’s acceptance speech, Bill’s speech. Katherine Leibach says Clinton has no respect for the office of presidency. Apparently a Bush supporter.

50:31Copy video clip URL End credits.

51:30Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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