[Watch It! raw: Chicago Fish House]

Raw footage for the television series Watch It! At Chicago Fish House, a fish processing plant and fresh fish supplier/market in Chicago. Fish, from small salmon to massive tuna are gutted, cleaned, boned, filleted, butchered, and ground by workers on an assembly line. The work is performed by hand (except for the grinding).

00:00Copy video clip URL Tests for the audio in an apartment.

1:47Copy video clip URL Cut to a man sharpening his knife blade and filleting a fish. The man says they process thousands of fish a day. We see the assembly line of men filleting fish. More shots of fish being decapitated, gutted, boned, etc. on an assembly line.

16:52Copy video clip URL A man completely de-bones a tuna, from start to finish.

26:06Copy video clip URL We move to a live crayfish tank. Videomaker Patrick Creadon lets one of the crayfish pinch his finger with its claw.

29:08Copy video clip URL We turn now to a lobster, and one of the employees tries to show Patrick how a massive lobster can crush a pencil with its claw. They goad it, but it won’t take the bait.

31:52Copy video clip URL They interview one of the employees, who talks about the business, and the types and origins of the fish.

34:56Copy video clip URL Some shots of the processing plant as a whole, and some seafood in display cases in the retail area of the plant, as well as the outside of Chicago Fish House, on Division Street.

38:01Copy video clip URL End of tape.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks you for posting this up! My dad and family used to work here in the 80’s-90’s, nice to see how they used to do it.

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