[Weekend TV 2-hour special]

0:38 Weekend TV opening. People tell what they want to see on TV.

1:29Copy video clip URL A segment by Skip Blumberg on young rollerbladers in downtown Chicago. We see them do tricks on sidewalks, railings, and curbs, and listen to them talk about the thrills of their hobby. We see firsthand the struggles they have trying to find places to skate after a security guard tries to make them leave the area.

8:35Copy video clip URL “Voices of the Children.” Teenage kids talk about how teenagers are associated only with gangs, violence, and other negative things by the media. They talk about being positive and embracing ethnic and racial differences.

10:30Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism, Part I.” Edgar Davis tells us about living at Stateway Gardens, a public housing project. He compares it to a prison and talks about living with racism and the stereotypes people have about people who live where he does.

15:18Copy video clip URL “Healing Ground.” A segment about The Resource Center, an organization of people who focus on beautifying public areas on the South Side of Chicago, with an emphasis on renewing and reusing for environmental purposes and building a sense of community. Among those interviewed are Ed Shurna, Morris Butler, Jamie Kalver, and Kenn Dunn.

22:50Copy video clip URL More footage of the skaters.

24:54Copy video clip URL A segment on an organization called House-o-Matic, a dance troupe created to bring people together and keep kids off the streets. We see several dances at 61st and Marshall Street in Englewood. Some are comical, all are upbeat. Some of it is similar to breakdancing.

30:14Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism Part II.” Rachel Alecea tells us about living in Pilsen, in an area suffering from gang violence. She talks about the racism even among different Latinx groups and tells us what it’s like to be treated differently for living in a low income neighborhood.

32:41Copy video clip URL “Who’s Your Hero?” A bunch of kids tell us who their heroes are.

33:40Copy video clip URL Erika Becker (about 10 yrs. old?) is interviewed by her father about what it’s like for her to have Cerebral Palsy. She talks about being made fun of and tells us about her operation.

38:36Copy video clip URL A segment on Andrea Majors, a ballet instructor in Roxbury, MA. She talks about how she has to use different teaching methods for different people in dance and tells the story of how she started teaching. Former student, Leta Taraves, talks about what a difference Andrea has made in her life.

43:16Copy video clip URL “Poet-Laureate of the Blues” by Michael Prussian and Starr Sutherland. An intimate look at the musician Percy Mayfield. West L.A., 1982. Mayfield sings “Hit The Road, Jack” and dances his way into the kitchen to mix himself a Mudslide.

45:35Copy video clip URL The rollerbladers do more tricks.

45:57Copy video clip URL “Pick Up Your Feet.” A great segment about the Fantastic Four, a double dutch jump roping team. They take us through their daily practicing routine and perform a show in front of a large audience.

52:04Copy video clip URL A video produced by Andrew Jones about two Chicago kids who were murdered on the south side. There are interviews with family members of both Shavon Dean and Robert Sandifer, as well as hard-to-watch footage of Robert’s funeral: his grandmother wailing with grief; a pastor telling children who stand around Robert’s coffin crying not to end up like he did.

59:12Copy video clip URL Black.

59:24Copy video clip URL Weekend TV re-opening.

59:59Copy video clip URL We hang out with the skaters more as they skate at Bicentennial Park. We watch one kid as he tries sliding down a super-long rail over and over again.

1:03:45Copy video clip URL “This Is My World” by Jeff Spitz. A piece about a teenager named Priscilla Horton. We follow her through her difficult senior year of high school in a troubled urban school. Her story is partially narrated by Horton’s poetry.

1:13:25Copy video clip URL “Funding Education in Illinois.” Produced by the Coalition for Educational Rights to influence public policy regarding state funding for education.

1:21:37Copy video clip URL Another segment by Skip Blumberg with the young downtown rollerbladers. One skater attempts to learn a dangerous trick where he slides down a long railing.

1:22:44Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism, Part III.” Hannah Fernandez tells us about living in Belmont-Cragin. She talks about having friends of all races and feeling she has an advantage in learning because she doesn’t have to worry about her safety in her neighborhood.

1:24:58Copy video clip URL A segment on a project called “Bomb the Ghettos,” an effort by young Chicago writers and performers to unite people from different neighborhoods and backgrounds through art. We see a number of performances and hear from artists and organizers: Upski, Nick Eliopulis, Yvie Raij, Amanda Klonsky, Raheal Hanna, Catherine Duffy.

1:31:15Copy video clip URL More skating.

1:33:28Copy video clip URL A segment on “Dance Africa.” We hear from performers on their costumes and dances, and see some of the performances.

1:39:12Copy video clip URL A segment on Riccardo’s, a restaurant that has been open since 1934 but which is about to close down. Nick Angelos talks about having to close the place and customers reminisce.

1:42:19Copy video clip URL Footage of the grand opening of the Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. Karen Harrison, president, tells us why it’s so important. Families parade and have a fun time.

1:43:56Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism, Part IV.” B.E. from Lake Bluff tells us about living in an affluent suburb. He says it’s more about class than race where he lives.

1:47:20Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism, the Epilogue.” We see all four characters hanging out and visiting each other’s houses.

1:48:35Copy video clip URL “Smoking at Francis Parker School,” produced by senior students at FPS. We hear from a number of faculty members and students about why young people smoke.

1:52:55Copy video clip URL A group of young boys perform flips and other tricks on an old mattress in front of their homes. They laugh and rap about flipping.

1:54:57Copy video clip URL Weekend TV end credits. Skip Blumberg gives directions to someone over the telephone using a funny voice.

1:56:45Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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