Weekend TV, part 2 of 2

Part 2 of the two-hour Weekend TV special, a variety show produced by independent videomakers featuring everyday people, mainly Chicagoans.

0:48Copy video clip URL Weekend TV re-opening.

1:20Copy video clip URL Another segment by Skip Blumberg with the young downtown rollerbladers. One skater attempts to learn a dangerous trick where he slides down a long railing.

5:02Copy video clip URL “This Is My World” by Jeff Spitz. A piece about a teenager named Priscilla Horton. We follow her through her difficult senior year of high school in a troubled urban school. The story is partially narrated by Horton’s poetry.

15:50Copy video clip URL “Funding Education in Illinois.” Produced by the Coalition for Educational Rights to influence public policy regarding state funding for education.

22:57Copy video clip URL Skaters again. A kid skates down a long flight of stairs.

24:04Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism, Part III.” Hannah Fernandez tells us about living in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood of Chicago. She talks about having friends of all races and feeling she has an advantage in learning because she doesn’t have to worry about safety in her neighborhood.

26:24Copy video clip URL A segment on a project called “Bomb the Ghettos,” an effort by young Chicago writers and performers to unite people from different neighborhoods and backgrounds through art. We see a number of performances and hear from artists and organizers: Upski, Nick Eliopulis, Yvie Raij, Amanda Klonsky, Raheal Hanna, Catherine Duffy.

32:35Copy video clip URL More skating.

34:48Copy video clip URL A segment on “Dance Africa.” We hear from performers on their costumes and dances and see some of the performances.

40:32Copy video clip URL A segment on Riccardo’s, a restaurant that has been open since 1934 but which is about to close down. Nick Angelos talks about having to close the place and customers reminisce.

43:39Copy video clip URL Footage of the grand opening of the Chicago Children’s Museum at Navy Pier. Karen Harrison, president, tells us why it’s so important. Families parade and have a fun time.

45:16Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism, Part IV.” B.E. from Lake Bluff tells us about living in such a nice area. He says it’s more about class than race where he lives.

48:40Copy video clip URL “Youth on Racism, the Epilogue.” We see all four characters hanging out and visiting each other’s houses, demonstrating the significantly huge gaps in lifestyles and possibilities between kids from different parts of the same metropolitan area.

49:55Copy video clip URL “Smoking at Francis Parker School,” produced by Jesse Weinberg and senior students at FWP. We hear from a number of faculty members and students about why young people smoke.

54:15Copy video clip URL A group of young boys perform flips and other tricks on an old mattress in front of their homes. They laugh and rap about flipping.

56:17Copy video clip URL Weekend TV end credits. Skip Blumberg gives hilarious video instructions to someone over the telephone using a funny voice.

58:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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