[Weekend TV short cut]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

0:00 Weekend TV Opening titles and promotional talk.

1:17 A segment by Skip Blumberg on young rollerbladers in downtown Chicago. We see them do tricks on sidewalks, railings, and curbs, and listen to them talk about the thrills of their hobby. We see firsthand the struggles they have trying to find places to skate after a security guard tries to mak e them leave the area.

5:22 Brigid Murphy in Englewood introduces dance group House-O-Matic. Members of House-O-Matic dance on the street. Willie Hines, the Vice President of the group, talks about starting the group to get kids off the streets.

7:35 Montage of clips from Weekend TV.

8:00 Street skaters show off their tricks for the camera.

8:20 “Pick Up Your Feet,” a segment by Skip Blumberg on double-dutch jump ropers in competition. The girls say they practice four to six hours a day. They talk about being kept out of competition because they did a commercial for McDonalds. One girl says “we’re gonna be four little old ladies with our canes, and we’re still gonna jump rope.”

12:40 Tape by Andrew Jones from May of 1995, following up the story of Robert Sandifer and Shavon Dean, two kids killed on the South Side of Chicago. Roseland residents talk about the kids, and their frustration that the press represent the children as problem kids.

18:30 Another segment by Skip Blumberg with the young downtown rollerbladers. One skater attempts to learn a dangerous trick where he slides down a long railing.

20:05 Nick Angelos, a restaurant owner, talks about keeping his restaurant going. Henry Oettinger talks about Riccardo’s restaurant as the first integrated restaurant in the loop.

21:20 End of tape.



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