Where the Bombs Fall

Part of the Global Perspectives on War and Peace Collection. Documentary on children affected by the attacks on Panama City in 1989. Tape includes a 5-minute and an 8-minute version. A group of five year olds make drawings to show the violence that they have seen. The children show their drawings and talk about their experiences, a woman speaks about her murdered son and those still looking for their missing children, young men from the marines talk about how they don't have time and are not supposed to question their actions. "I am to do what I am told to do, and that is all." 

00:00Copy video clip URL Tape begins with color bars and black screen.

00:15Copy video clip URL Fade into battle footage in Panama City in December of 1989. Guns fire, missiles launch, and buildings explode as the invasion of Panama takes place. This footage is infused with clips of young children talking about their experiences with the war.

01:24Copy video clip URL Panamanian children continue to talk about their experiences with the war. Through drawings and descriptions, the children vividly paint the events of the invasion. A young girl named Mabel describes her drawing. “This woman was shot and here baby fell to the ground. Then the woman and her baby died. Everything burned. Over here were the birds and the clouds. I don’t want this house to burn.”

02:17Copy video clip URL Child Psychologist Antonella Ponce talks about the profound effect the war has had on the children she works with. She states that the children’s emotional stability was lamentable. This cuts into a shot of another child describing her picture to her classmates.

03:04Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a mother crying as she looks through pictures of casualties hoping to find out what happened to a family member. Clementina Espinosa woefully comments on her son’s disappearance. “He was my only son, my friend; and they killed him like a dog.”

04:03Copy video clip URL Two marines talk about their dedication to their mission despite the fact that innocent bystanders have died. We continue to look at some of the children’s artwork. We see American students working on similar illustrations on their take of the war.

05:57Copy video clip URL A similar piece to the first rolls and highlights many of the same themes. This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

13:37Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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