[Where’s I.W. Abel? raw #3: outside U.S. Steel]

Raw footage for "Where's I.W. Abel?" Made by Kartemquin and a rank-and-file steel workers caucus, the film documents the opposition of the rank-and-file to the no-strike agreement between Steelworkers President I.W. Abel and the ten major steel companies, made without a vote by the membership of the union. Featuring Staughton Lynd.

00:00Copy video clip URL Various footage of people, including Al Samter, standing around handing out fliers about “the right to strike” at the main gate to U.S. Steel in Gary, IN. Factory workers coming and going from the main gate. Those distributing fliers engage and talk with some of the workers, though the audio isn’t discernible. Some workers sign a petition.

10:55Copy video clip URL One petitioner says they aim to have this vote voided so that workers will maintain the right to strike. One worker says, “I agree with that” and signs the petition.

11:30Copy video clip URL Interview with a petitioner testing the audio.

12:02Copy video clip URL As the interview is about to start, the tape ends.



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