Whites of the Far Right

A special report by Carol Marin entitled "Whites of the Far Right."

00:14Copy video clip URL Newscaster Ron Magers introduces the topic of the special and Carol Marin. 

00:41Copy video clip URL She takes us to Texas to talk to members of the Christian far-right, specifically members of the KKK. She talks to Louis Beam, an Ambassador of the Aryan Nation.

01:40Copy video clip URL She briefly talks about Gordon Wendell Kahl. Kahl was an American member of the far right Posse Comitatus movement who was involved in two fatal shootouts with law enforcement officers in the United States in 1983. She also talks about Robert Matthews and Norma McPherson. 

02:10Copy video clip URL She discusses the contents of an FBI Memo regarding whites of the far-right. 

03:13Copy video clip URL Marin further discusses the development of a white supremacists online network that connect hate groups across the nation.

04:15Copy video clip URL She talks to theology professor, Dr. Daniel Stern, from Northeastern Illinois University about the dangers of this hateful ideology. 

05:00Copy video clip URL Part Two of Whites of the Far Right begins, this weeks focus: guns. 

06:00Copy video clip URL Specifically she talks about Richard Wayne Snell, a white supremacist who killed a  Black state Trooper. 

10:00Copy video clip URL John Bob Hearld talks to Marin about his rhetoric. 

11:29Copy video clip URL Part Three of Whites of the Far Right begins, this weeks focus: gangs. 

13:00Copy video clip URL Marin takes a closer look at the Thorndale Jag-Offs. The Thordale Jag Offs was a dangerous gang of stone greasers and was well known in the Uptown, Lakeview and Edgewater communities. 

15:16Copy video clip URL She returns to Dr. Daniel Stern to talk about the Aryan Nation and the Aryan Brotherhood. 

16:50Copy video clip URL Part Four of the series begins, looking at families who’s children have left home to join the Aryan Nation.

17:30Copy video clip URL Marin talks to a woman who’s son is under investigation by the FBI in connection to a slew of crimes.

18:00Copy video clip URL She looks at a “former” Cicero-Nazi named Art Jones who talks about his ideology: anti-Zionist, pro-white, pro-American, pro-Christian, and anti-Communist. He views the real danger to be coming from the Left. 

20:00Copy video clip URL She talks a young man, Clark Martell, who admits to having committed hate crimes against Black, Jewish and Latinx people. 



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