[Wild Chicago Demo]

Demo for Wild Chicago, hosted by Phil Ranstrom.

0:01Copy video clip URL Slate: “Wild Chicago Demo”

0:08Copy video clip URL Phil Ranstrom, wearing a pith helmet, introduces the program via brief shots of various points throughout Chicago

1:00Copy video clip URL Under voice-over narration, Ranstrom walks into Quimby’s Queer Store. He introduces Steven Svymbersky, founder and owner of the store. Svymbersky talks about the items he carries – “unusual, small-press, underground, hard-to-find magazines, books, and comics.” He shows Ranstrom the racks of fanzines and small-press magazines. He says that Quimby’s customers are all looking for something different. He tells Ranstrom that he keeps in touch with many of the comic artists who live in the Chicago area, such as Dan Clowes and Terry LaBan. Svymbersky ends the interview by giving out the store’s address.

2:58Copy video clip URL Ranstrom enters the Degerberg academy of Martial Arts and approaches some students in the midst of training. At his request, they demonstrate some stuntwork, engaging in a mock bout of fisticuffs. They then pretend to rough up Ranstrom, sending faux-punches at him and flinging him across the room. One of the teachers gives the address and phone number of the academy and invites interested prospective students to visit.

5:01Copy video clip URL Brief previews of future WILD CHICAGO pieces, including Riverview Park, Chicago house music and an interview with Tom Waits.

5:23Copy video clip URL Program ends.



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