Wired In CVC Layoff and Spot

This tape features raw footage from the television show "Wired In" as it was re-launched as a multimedia program in 1995. While the program never actually came to fruition, it was designed to combine conventional media in television with the emerging use of the internet in highlighting new advances for consumers in technology.  This tape features several minutes of filming the "Wired In" logo and webpage on the computer screen along with a one minute "plug" for "Wired In" featuring cameo appearances by Bill Murray and Lily Tomlin.

00:00Copy video clip URL “Wired In” logo image on the computer screen.  Filmmakers discuss and take various shots of the “Wired In” homepage and logo.

17:50Copy video clip URL Tape cuts out for a few minutes

19:17Copy video clip URL One minute “spot” for “Wired In” with an explanation of how it is a new multimedia service, combining a television program and web-based resources.  This segment features cameo appearances by Bill Murray and Lily Tomlin.

22:20Copy video clip URL More spots of the “Wired In” logo on the computer screen.

25:25Copy video clip URL End of Tape



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