[Wired In raw #1: Las Vegas CES #1]

Raw footage for "Wired In," a never completed series on the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. This tape features footage from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 1982. CES #1.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and voiceover intro.

00:38Copy video clip URL Cut to man sitting in front of 3 projection screens speaking about the new technology of projection screen televisions. He says that his background is in acoustic research, and that he got into video because he felt that the important things in sound had already been done. He says he’s the first to introduce the idea of projection screen television ad “Advent” and “Close Up.”

02:20Copy video clip URL He explains the old model where TVs had a light source and screen in the same box, which is bulky and awkward, comparing that to having a white wall as the screen but by projecting it 5 feet with his projector.

03:40Copy video clip URL He recommends the video tape recorder as the best piece of equipment to get besides the television.

04:40Copy video clip URL He explains that the unit he is selling is valued at $2,000, and that the tuners and sound should be sold separately. He predicts that in the future, the television will remain the same, but various components such as tuners, VCRs, speakers, and possibly disc technology will be separate components that can be updated as technology develops.

07:20Copy video clip URL Pointing out that predictions in his business are often off the mark, his biggest hope for the future is the fulfillment of the idea that anybody can see anything at any time, which he says is coming in the near future.

10:15Copy video clip URL The question about the interface of computers with television comes up, and he says that this is coming, but that it has nothing to do with projection television.

11:15Copy video clip URL He also discusses the financial aspect of the business and the difficulties of entering the business of video on a small scale as was done in the audio field. At the same time, says that the field is wide open and that there’s a lot of room for creativity and specialization in the industry.

13:28Copy video clip URL Cut to shots of the convention floor, including a set of 12 televisions with various images and music playing overhead.

14:18Copy video clip URL Still shot of Quasar Amplifier Video Controller.

15:50Copy video clip URL Atari mascot Pacman “Ghost” waves at the camera.

16:24Copy video clip URL Grown men in suits playing video game “Berzerk” laugh and watch in awe.

18:35Copy video clip URL Cut to two women speaking about nutrition and dieting.

19:12Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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