[Wired In raw #2: Las Vegas CES #2]

Raw footage for "Wired In," a never completed series on the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. This tape features footage from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 1982. CES #2.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with color bars.

00:38Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a digital decibel meter. The program is called Synsonic Drums and can be heard playing in the background. This last for about a minute.

01:49Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Bill Gillis, Vice President of Marketing for Intellivision with Mattel Electronics. Gillis talks about the video game industry and its recent growth. “The exchange that most consumers see is an easy one and it’s a price / value relationship. The games are of such interest throughout the week, throughout hours and hours of play that they’re really only spending pennies an hour for fine family entertainment.” Gillis talks about the integration of human sounding voices in video game play. He goes on to talk about his history in the video game industry and the Intellivision System. “With the acceleration of technology and its application to home devices, certainly we can view into the future–home computers, for real, as well as other intelligent terminals for communication, entertainment, and probably education as well. We’re seeing this happening at an accelerating pace so by 1990, the home of the future will in fact be the true electronic home.”

07:00Copy video clip URL We watch as a Diet Trac representative demos a calorie counting calculator for a convention attendee. This lasts for several minutes.

12:33Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a Mattel Electronics video game Space Spartans.

14:08Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Vito Prussia of Innovative Rehabilitation Technology Inc. using a Sharp calculator.

15:57Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Prussia talking about his company and their examination of some of the products in order to determine their applicability for the handicapped. Prussia talks about the company’s hopes to find products that do not have to be modified for handicap use.

19:03Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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