[Wired In raw #36: Malibu Grand Prix #2]

Raw footage for "Wired In," a never completed series on the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. This video goes inside "Malibu Grand Prix," a video arcade in Malibu, California. Footage features several people playing various arcade games and close up shots of various logos for classic arcade games. Malibu G.P. #2.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with sound of video games being played in background.

00:50Copy video clip URL Picture comes in to close up of “Go Go Go,” a video arcade racing game. A boy with a Pac-Man hat on backwards intently plays the game.

02:40Copy video clip URL Cut to another driving game played by a young man seated behind the wheel.

03:55Copy video clip URL Close up shots of logo displays on the following arcade games: “Space Invaders,” “Gorf,” “Space Fury,” “Space Odyssey,” “Sprint,” “Monte Carlo,” “Rally-X,” “Vanguard,” “Wizard of Wor,” “Eagle,” “Asteroids Deluxe,” “Armor….Attack,” “Stragegy,” “Qix,” “Centipede,” and “Ms. Pac-Man.” Sounds of these games being played are audible as each logo is displayed.

07:26Copy video clip URL Cut back to race car driving arcade game being played.

09:50Copy video clip URL More close up logos and sounds of: “Frogger,” “Galaga,” “Kick,” “Donkey Kong,” “Mouse Trap,” the token machine, and signs inside the arcade.

11:57Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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