[Wired In raw #5: Las Vegas CES #5]

Raw footage for "Wired In," a never completed series on the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s. This tape features footage from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 1982. CES #5.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with color bars and room audio.

00:32Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with a Solar Electronics Representative. The man shows the videomakers a Radiation Alert Device and talks about the benefits of having one. He also talks about the importance of radiation detection.

03:07Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of porn actress Marilyn Chambers singing autographs for a number of men. This lasts for several minutes. Audio cuts out for the last minute of this segment.

06:39Copy video clip URL Cut to an interview with President of the Adult Film Association of America Sydney Neikurg. He talks about the industry for a few moments but then gets frustrated with the interview and calls it off. Shortly afterward, we see a shot of Neikurg sitting down. The videomakers then continue to talk to Neikurg about the adult film industry. Neikurg talks the reasons for progression in the adult industry.

12:37Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of a Casio Representative who demonstrates the Casio VL 5 Keyboard. The videomakers eventually ask the representative why anyone would buy the keyboard. He gets slightly flabbergasted but ends up giving a thoughtful answer after he recovers his composure. The videomakers continue to gather footage from around the convention hall.

18:32Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of videomaker Tom Weinberg playing with a “Speak and Math.” This lasts for the remainder of the tape.

19:01Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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