Wired In Sneak Peek

The tape features a demo for the television show "Wired In." While the program never actually came to fruition, the footage and demos put together are an interesting look into the the technological trends and innovations of the 1980s.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:32Copy video clip URL Vintage commercial for RCA Victor Portable radio. Woman drops two radios, and the one made by RCA does not break.

1:32Copy video clip URL Wired In Speak Peek titles.

1:39Copy video clip URL Brief shots of vintage television programs, special effects, video games, and a technology convention. A girl talks about using computers to communicate with dolphins. Another woman talks about how her arcade familiarizes people with computers. Another woman talks about importance of staying with technology.

2:48Copy video clip URL Special effect of a ship flying through space. People talk about how effects can be used to tell stories. One man mentions that the computer “is only a tool” and its function depends on the person using it.

3:54Copy video clip URL Clip of special effects from Star Trek.

4:10Copy video clip URL “It can do things that are theoretically impossible.” Man talks about the limitless point-of-view involved with computer graphics.

5:41Copy video clip URL Man shows old arcade/circus game: Bimbo the dancing clown.

6:32Copy video clip URL Video of a factory making Pac Man and Mrs. Pac Man games.

6:57Copy video clip URL “Technology is amoral.” A man talks about the moral possibilities of computers. A mother plays video games with her son and husband, and explains that the game arcade is just the new hang-out place for teenagers, much like any other era.

7:41Copy video clip URL An arcade clerk says video games are a way “to step into the movies.”

8:08Copy video clip URL A music video for “Get Down On It” using video art graphics.

8:57Copy video clip URL Sped-up clips of television.

9:32Copy video clip URL “Anyone can see anything whenever they want.” A man talks about the video revolution, which he compares to the widespread availability of books.

10:03Copy video clip URL Shot of the Early Bird satellite, bringing communication to people throughout Europe.

10:24Copy video clip URL End titles. “The human adventure is just beginning.”

10:47Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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