Skip Blumberg visits the WMVP radio station and talks to two of the hosts there, while they broadcast, for the TV show Radio Faces. There is also a clip at the beginning of Chet doing a segment for Radio Faces.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black screen with audio of people talking.

0:38Copy video clip URL Video begins with a sign advertising The Loop, The Blaze, and WMVP.

0:50Copy video clip URL Cut to a man later identified as Chet recording an intro for Radio Faces. He does it in a distinctive voice. He does two takes.

6:08Copy video clip URL Cut to interior of a taxi cab where Skip Blumberg, the videographer, talks to his cabbie about Chicago and his taste in radio.

8:51Copy video clip URL New shot from inside WMVP, one of Chicago’s sports radio stations. Blumberg films a live broadcast of their show.

11:37Copy video clip URL The two radio hosts begin talking on air.

22:49Copy video clip URL Blumberg interviews the hosts but we can not hear what he is saying because the radio station’s audio is overlaid. About a minute in the camera’s audio is turned on and we can hear what the host has to say although the radio’s audio is still overlaid making it difficult to hear.

27:41Copy video clip URL The radio show begins again.

35:03Copy video clip URL The hosts take a break and talk to the camera after a bit.

39:45Copy video clip URL The show continues.

54:54Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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