Women’s Video Festival promos

Promotional videos for the second Women's Video Festival, which took place at The Kitchen in New York City from Sept. 28-Oct. 14, 1973.

00:22Copy video clip URL Videomaker and festival organizer Ann Volkes promotes the Women’s Video Festival while covered in tape: “My god! More videotape! Every night on 59 Wooster Street at The Kitchen at LoGiudice Gallery! Every night at 8 o’clock–I mean 8:30!!! 8:30!! Afternoons Thursday through Sunday at 3 through October 14!! They’re fantastic and they feel so good!!”

00:56Copy video clip URL Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend” plays as the next shot is set up. 

01:05Copy video clip URL Videomaker Tracy Fitz announces the contact phone number for the festival. 

01:20Copy video clip URL Volkes: “These presentations are supported by New York State Council on the Arts.” 

01:58Copy video clip URL Footage of the exhibition spaces at the Women’s Video Festival. Susan Milano wanders between TV sets  as crowds look on. Milano speaks in voiceover about the festival: “…Videotapes made by women, covering a wide spectrum of subjects, are being shown each evening at 8:30pm and Thursday through Sunday afternoons at 3pm. The programs are being sponsored by the Kitchen and Women’s Interart Center and are open to all. On Sunday afternoons, however, a special program featuring a gynecological self-help tape is open to women only. A contribution of $1.50 is requested, and you are welcome to bring refreshments….” The camera zooms in to Nam June Paik, who is attending the festival. 

03:55Copy video clip URL End of video



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