Worldwide: The Recording Revolution

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00:08Copy video clip URL “Tuxedo Center” Owner of the tuxedo center talks about the amount of business they get during the Academy Awards. Intro to Worldwide Tonight about the camera work done for the Oscars. Several celebrity nominees are named and introduced. Cameraman talks to a woman about her outfit. Narrator discusses trying to get people to act natural in front of the camera. A True Value TV (TVTV) cameraman describes the equipment they use. They play TVTV’s special about the Academy Awards, featuring various actresses getting ready and driving to the event, including Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin. In the car, the actresses practice losing. 

8:15Copy video clip URL The guests begin to arrive on the red carpet in downtown LA. Red carpet host Army Archerd talks to the crowd. Footage of the celebrities walking on the carpet and talking to Archerd. Fans taking photos and cheering. Cut to footage after the event of the actresses watching the awards on a TV and reflecting on the experience of having been there. Cut back to footage of them gettin into their cars after the event.

13:10Copy video clip URL Narrator gives a bit of history of TVTV. Paul Goldsmith from TVTV talks about equipment. Michael Shamberg, Allen Rucker, and other TVTV crew members talk about their filming style. Footage from their show on Cajun people in Louisiana. Voiceover of the TVTV crew talking about the methods they used to gain trust from their film subjects. Narrator gives context to the footage as it plays. After some footage, the TVTV crew talks about problems they caused in the Cajun community while filming. The narrator discusses criticisms that TVTV has faced. 

24:00Copy video clip URL Narrator introduces TVTV program’s Adland. Footage of a child in a Dressel’s ice cream cake commercial filming session. They speak to the director of the commercial and the child actor. The men who run the ad agency talk about the money and difficulties of the advertising business. 

31:53Copy video clip URL Cut to an actress on a TV screen. Two men speak about the video network, Supervision. The two men introduce themselves as Garret and John. A voiceover talks about what Supervision is, a TVTV project. Cut to a NBC programmer talking about why he was interested in the work of TVTV and their ability to blend entertainment and documentary. Cut back to the TVTV crew talking about why they have been successful as a crew working together. Voiceover discusses the progress they have made in the industry. 

39:33Copy video clip URL Closing remarks from Goldsmith about their company and style. Credits.

41:19Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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