[WTTW comedy tape Christmas 1991]

0:00Copy video clip URL Slate

0:24Copy video clip URL Shari Lewis and Lambchop.

0:34Copy video clip URL “Edited for Television Members”. John Callaway answering machine. Pictures from the great lady political leaders adorn the walls: “John, now I know the REAL meaning of love.

1:28Copy video clip URL “Johnny C. On the Loose” John Callaway’s hip new show.

3:51Copy video clip URL “If I could be like Mike” featuring WTTW host Mike.

4:53Copy video clip URL A woman calls the WTTW voicemail system. A joke about processing pledge requests.

5:43Copy video clip URL Commercial for Ronco hide-a-pizza. Hides a pizza in 1″ tape cannisters. Or soda in 3/4″ containers.

6:26Copy video clip URL Some joke about the WTTW van.

6:43Copy video clip URL Clarence Thomas applies for an associate producer position.

8:13Copy video clip URL Betty’s Employee Bingo. When Betty takes a call for an employee, you put down your Betty bingo chips.

8:58Copy video clip URL Johnny C. On the Loose returns! Johnny plugs his book “How to meet women and make them swoon.” Johnny C strikes out with the ladies!

10:54Copy video clip URL Van racing on the highway!

11:32Copy video clip URL Joke about other jobs of WTTW employees.

12:38Copy video clip URL Employees wish each other happy holidays.

14:52Copy video clip URL Frank Capra’s “It’ s A Wonderful Pledge.”

16:36Copy video clip URL Congrats on retirements.

17:23Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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