[WTTW pledge night]

This videotape is not yet digitized. Please email us to let us know you're interested in watching it, and we'll see if we're able to make it available online sooner.

Tom and Chip at the end of the pledge drive, ask for more financial support from viewers. This segment is flanked by a man talking to small assembly about aldermen and city ordinances. [Channel 2 Audio; switches to Channel 1 at 3:03. Quick breaks between segments.]

0:00 B&W clip of man talking on mic to small assembly.

0:13 Tom Weinberg tests mic. [Black, just audio]

0:20 Tom and Chip announce that there are just a couple minutes to go to make $2700 (at $2527 right now), so call now. Names of recent pledgers scroll at bottom of screen.

1:40 Soft music plays as volunteers answer phones.

2:50 Station identification. From WNET New York.

3:03 B&W (channel 1 audio) Small child puts up poster on office wall. Cameraman says that its his first Panasonic VHS machine, and first son.

3:50 B&W. Man (same as earlier) talks on mic to small assembly about vacant lots, and about what to do so that property values do not go down. “The alderman is not here tonight, he probably doesn’t care…This legislation is worth supporting, I can’t believe the alderman’s don’t know about it…”

7:30 Vacant lot ordinances. The man explains that he can’t help with passing it, can only help with drafting it.

8:14 Black (end of tape).



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