[Xylitol promo]

Industrial video promoting artificial sweetener xylitol.

0:15Copy video clip URL Slates and titles

1:09Copy video clip URL Ad for artificial sweetener Zylitol

3:08Copy video clip URL Slate: “Sync bites B-roll and to follow”

3:12Copy video clip URL Slate: “Dr. Harry R. Pape, DDS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI”

3:14Copy video clip URL Pape explains dental benefits of Xylitol

5:28Copy video clip URL Slate: “Dr. Kauko K. Makinen, PhD, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI”

5:31Copy video clip URL Makinen describes the chemistry of Xylitol

7:44Copy video clip URL Slate: “Patricia Enggaard, New Product Manager, Leaf, Inc.”

7:49Copy video clip URL Enggaard talks about the greatness of Xylitol.

8:13Copy video clip URL Slate: “B-roll to Follow: Xylitol Manufacturing in Finland”

8:16Copy video clip URL Slate “Birch Tree Chips”

8:17Copy video clip URL Shots of a mound of birch tree chips in a snowy landscape; a bulldozer scoops up heaps of them and dumps them in a mechanical sifting device.

8:49Copy video clip URL Slate “Boiling crystalizer – crystalizes xylitol from xylitol syrup.”

8:51Copy video clip URL Shot of a large industrial boiler at work.

9:04Copy video clip URL Slate “Centrifuge – used to separate liquid xylitol from crystalized xylitol.”

9:05Copy video clip URL Sludgy yellow Xylitol slides into the centrifuge.

9:19Copy video clip URL Slate: “Xylifresh Gum Manufacturing.”

9:21Copy video clip URL A worker dumps a powdery substance into a large separator.

9:37Copy video clip URL Slate: “Various applications for xylitol.”

9:38Copy video clip URL Shot of several plates of sweets.

9:49Copy video clip URL Slate: “Xylifresh Gum Wrapping.”

9:50Copy video clip URL Pieces of gum sent through a wrapping machine on an industrial assembly line.

10:00Copy video clip URL Intro section of an Eyewitness news 7 program.

10:09Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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